Weekend Recall: Jack Bruno

by Sid Feddema

Jack Bruno's career is a testament to the power of music to inspire resilience and recovery. He first came to critical and public attention as the (former) lead singer of introspective punk-alternative act Raw Fabrics. Things were going well. They shared the stage with Alt-J and Weezer, had a solidifying fan base, notched an increasing number of headline gigs, gathered some critical attention. But as the band's status was rising, Jack Bruno was sinking into darkness.

He fell into drug and alcohol addiction, the rest of the band eventually gave up and peeled off, and his five-year relationship with his girlfriend came to an end. He found himself languishing in a dingy L.A. motel, and he knew something had to change. So he took action. He checked into rehab and got clean. When he came out he was possessed with a refreshed creative energy, and he was ready to take action. He hit the road immediately, experimenting with instruments and composition, recording a frenzy of songs.

So begins the new chapter of Jack Bruno, which finds the musician fearlessly looking inside himself, armed with his instruments, facing his demons head-on in anthemic, synth-driven songs anchored by his insistently powerful voice – as evidenced in his latest track, "Time".

We asked Jack to take us along for a weekend in his new world:


Threw a house party Friday night with my friend 'Lil Texas' the most stylish DJ in the game, I only try to keep up. We started throwing parties about a year ago under the name Hot Haus and they just kept getting bigger and bigger now we announce the day of and its packed that night. Its great too cause its mostly artists, rappers, DJ's that come so its cool to see what everyones been up to. 

Photo from the house party Friday night with Producer Jeremiah Raisen who I've been working with the past year. It's really important to me that I get along with the people I'm working with outside of the studio. I think when someone knows you as a person its much easier to capture a more accurate image of them on record. 

"sometimes life gets rough but you have to keep moving forwards" 


Saturday I spent the day in the studio recording new tracks. I try to keep a good balance of experiencing new things, meeting new people, and locking myself in the studio. I have to have stuff to inspire me then once I get that inspiration I'm off to the studio. I find its one of the best ways to process my emotions



Sunday doing a photo shoot promoting the new single 'Time' posing for days. Time was the first song I released as Jack Bruno so its special to me; marks the start of a new chapter.

Pic on the drum kit Sunday photo shoot. Sometimes a song idea will come from playing different grooves on the drum kit, its a different way then I usually go about writing but it usually makes for a different type of song.