Lightning in a Bottle

by Sid Feddema

Imagine cresting a hill after wandering the California chaparral, sundrunk and parched. Before you unfolds a hallucinogenic bacchanal of the young and sexy, fabulous old hippies, and freaks of all shapes and sizes dressed in the trappings of some post-apocalyptic pleasure cult. The bass and beat of wild music calls you closer. The denizens of this strange village cavort beside a softly lapping lake and climb strange constructions of their own design. This is something of the flavor of Lightning in a Bottle, the annual underground music, art, and culture festival by the eco-friendly (and highly conscious) folks at Do LaB. Gitte Meldegaard brings us photo dispatches from this year's fest:

Photography by Gitte Meldegaard
Written by Sid Feddema