Zadig Loves Flaunt and Flaunt Loves Zadig & Voltaire

by flaunt

Saying Farewell to the Oh La La Land issue and hello to the Z&V FW2016 Collection
Like all great cities in the clouds, Oh La La Land was destined to eventually catch the edge of a breeze, and lose its Parisian/Los Angeles battlements in an outwards drift over the Seine, across the 101 and straight into the annals of Flaunt fabulosity. In a fitting flurry of fevered festivities, our Parisian friends and style supremeos Zadig & Voltaire, partnered with us in a loved up, boogie downed, party, party, party to bid adieu to the Oh La La Land issue, and to celebrate the launch of their super Fall/Winter 2016 Collection—all in the stylish fastness of their brand new West Hollywood showroom on Melrose.

The night was young, but wisdom tells that party knows no hours or clock—only people, place, and the right libations, and with friends like Keke Palmer, Amanda Steele, Vic Mensa, Zella Day, and Emily Robinson in attendance, how could we ever have enemies? And with beats like those that Sita Abellan and Fatal Jamz were dropping, how could we ever stop dancing?

Z&V gifted us all with a unique and politically topical one-off Oh La La Land shirt, while an elegant collection of tasty cocktails were provided by Santo Diablo Mezcal and Kind of Blue Scotch Whisky, which we imbibed amidst the stylish racks, warm in a wash of friends, fun, #zadiglovesflaunt, and fabulousness.

Photographed by Jesse Grant for Getty Images.