by flaunt

A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers, Coupled to the Premiere of a New Thugfucker Track
Thugfucker are the dance music duo who have liquified stomping grounds from Iceland to Coachella with their hot brand of zen-house grooves.

In premiering Thugfucker's remix of  Worthy's "The Words (Feat. Audio Angel)" we also have a privileged peek inside the duo's personal spaces.

So tell us Thugfucker, What¹s in Yr Fridge?



1. Welcome to our fridge. It's like everyone else's fridge except this one is ours. We try and fill it with lots of nourishing things to eat. When we're on the road there's not as many nourishing things except for sometimes when there's really nice dinners. It's like a vicious cycle of really nice dinners and airport food. So when we're home we try and take extra good care of ourselves.

Within reason, of course!


2. There something about almond butter and raspberry peach jam sandwiches that really pushes all of the right buttons with us. It's a total guilty pleasure but every once in a while we say, "You know what guys? You deserve to get a little crazy today.." Sometimes we leave the crusts on too. We're just pretty wild and crazy like that.


3. Here you can see our well used and dearly treasured water filter. There's really nothing more important for humans than drinking lots and lots of water. Lots and lots and lots of water. And if you're a raver you should drink even more water than that.


4. If you like to cook really healthy food for yourself you have to start with a good base. Vegetable broth is a really healthy way to go but be sure to get the good stuff. Just a few drops can be enough to really alter the destiny of your recipe.


5. The freezer is the place that often gets quite messy as people just throw all the things they don't want to deal with in there and put them on ice until later. Notice however how we balance the yin and yang of our diets out with neighboring containers of gourmet ice cream and powdered green spirulina supplements.


6. Clementines are a healthy snack that taste great anytime. Plus their peel is loose which makes them easy to peel without creating sticky fingers. As long as you don't eat them too closely after eating cheeses or lots of proteins.. this combination will turn your stomach into a crazy meth lab inside your body. Be careful!