What’s in Yr Fridge Peter and Shannon Loughrey?

by flaunt

A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers
Peter and Shannon Loughrey are the owners of Los Angeles Modern Auction, the first auction house to specialize in 20th Century Modern Fine Art and Design. Dominating the local art scene, the visionary art couple lives and breathes vintage art, au fait with mid-century architectural designs of expansive glass, twin dodecagons, and a series of 12-sided structures filled with circular spaces that garnishes their Encino estate. Their ineffable story is the kind that inspires and illuminates. It carries into novellas, embellishes in films, and adorns the walls of the most refined museums around the world. It is the story of profuse passion and devotion—the American dreamer who is driven out of his car, where he is living, and into the art world by his unrelenting love for fine art and design, and for his wife and managing director Shannon Carragher. Nestled in the hills, the 1972 aesthetic of their Encino home is enchanting, as the Loughrey’s have recontextualized vintage art and design for new generations to discover. Overlooking the valley, the Mid-century modern mansion is a hidden gem in the hills—a window into a vintage world of architecture, design, and the dare to dream.


Peter and Shannon: "With cataloguing each of the art and design object in our auction, we like to have our own books for reference and research. Our favorite place is this nook of our library under the window. Nothing is more rewarding than finding a vintage image of an object from an obscure book we picked up at a yard sale!!"


Shannon: "I am surrounded by very talented artists and craftsman in our everyday lives.  My moment of creativity is in the kitchen, where I love to cook and entertain.  Here is a sneak peak of my spice cabinet. Vintage Heller plastic dishes for entertaining on the pool deck tie together the vibrant colors of the kitchen cabinets."


Peter: "This is my favorite spot outside to read a book or relax in the jacuzzi after a long day on in the office.  The Harry Bertoia chair plays off with the Bertoia-inspired palm tree at the edge of the pool deck."


Peter and Shannon: "We purchased this sculpture in a gallery in Amsterdam recently.  Titled 'Money Socks,' we thought to place the work in the bathroom to encourage visitors to make a deposit after they make a deposit.  The sculpture uses a xylophone to make music when the coins pass down to the sock.  Our guests love it!"

Written by Jasmine Ashoori