Video Premiere: Rayban presents “Eye to Eye”

by Flaunt Staff

Rayban knows that #ITTAKESCOURAGE to open your heart
Today Rayban is launching the #ITTAKESCOURAGE campaign, a collection of powerfully themed content meant to encourage and inspire audiences to face their fears.

Accompanying the launch of the print campaign shot by Mark Seliger, and in line with the Open Your Heart theme, Rayban presents the emotionally charged video and social experiment Eye to Eye.

The film is based on the premise that eye contact may give you the courage you need to do one of the scariest things of all: open your heart. In fact, studies have shown that undisturbed eye contact with anyone, even a stranger, can lead to a genuinely deep and emotional connection. In Eye to Eye, Rayban put that to the test, and captured it all on film.

Open Your Heart is only the first chapter of the campaign, which also includes Fight Perfection, Face Critics, Do Your Part, Push Yourself, Start New, Unplug, and Face Your Fears.

Watch the inspiring video below.

Photos courtesy of Ray-Ban