Welcome to the Repercussions Issue

by flaunt

Where adrenaline-junky fashionistas perform gravity-defying feats


MOLLY GODDARD dress, leggings, and shoes.

One of the better known of the modern crop of extreme sports, BASE jumping is also one of the more stupid adventures. Illegal in many countries, BASE jumpers leap from relatively low perches atop buildings, cranes, or other manmade structures, with the sincerest hope that their parachutes deploy before they collide with the surface of the earth. A tiered Molly Goddard Fall ‘16 dress is the perfect paraphernalia for such an activity; the voluminous ruffles will surely break your fall should your ‘chute fail to do so.



ALEXANDER MCQUEEN coat, sweater, shirt, pants and shoes.

When skiers are ready to grow up they graduate to heli-skiing, and trade in those unstylish chairlifts for a helicopter ride to an uncharted mountain. Similar to how you might escape your family during a long holiday at home, heli-skiing requires fortitude, fortune, and finesse. We recommend sporting this Alexander McQueen button-up tunic, sweater and long coat from the fall ‘16 collection, which will do nicely for aprés-ski cocktails at Cafe Stella as well.



DRIES VAN NOTEN coat, pants, and shoes.

Although this sport sounds like something kinky teens might do next to the L.A. River, creeking exists somewhere between white water rafting and kayaking, with practitioners bobbing down low-volume rapids in kayaks while trying not to get pummeled into rocks or trapped underwater. We wouldn’t dream of finding ourselves up the creek—or grabbing more organic avocados at Erewhon—without this Dries Van Noten coat from the fall ‘16 menswear line.



SACAI sweater and pants.

Not one to go with the flow, the gentleman/woman in the know takes your everyday skydiving and raises you a board. Spins, slides, and twists are requisite, as is a sky-caddy of sorts, to lm your epic moves, brah. We wouldn’t dream of sky sur ng in anything but Sacai pre-fall ‘16—the high collar and belted sleeves make this the ideal out t for both surfing the breeze and for braving the gusts atop the Standard rooftop bar.



FENDI dress, shoes, socks, and bag.

When Da Vinci first set about sketching a flying suit, it’s likely he had no idea that people would one day be jumping from mountain tops with nylon winged suits on, but here we are. Practitioners of this sport, in addition to the (for lack of a better term) bat suits, employ parachutes as well, making the free fall and glide to the bottom ever so slightly less dangerous. This look from Fendi’s pre-fall ‘16 collection will make you as buoyant as the fiedermaus, and twice as cute.



GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY jacket, shirt, pants and shoes.

The old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed...” doesn’t have a finish as applied to free soloing—or the sport where climbers scale cliffs and boulders without the aid of ropes or safety of any kind. Although free soloers have a limited lifespan, it hasn’t stopped fashionable adventurers from putting on their best rock shoes and chalk bag and hitting the sheer vertical drops. We think this look from Gosha Rubchinskiy’s A/W ‘16 collection is perfect for a nice day spent defying gravity and common sense—or for hitting the DF at your local dayclub.



LOUIS VUITTON sweater, pants, and gloves.

Are you tired of the relative security and warmth of rock climbing? Do you find that your adrenaline tolerance gets greater year by year? Allow us to suggest ice climbing! Incorporating elements of bouldering and sheer stupidity, ice climbing involves the scaling of frozen waterfalls, ice-encrusted cliffs, and glaciers with only an ice pick and a rope secured to the top. Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall ‘16 collection is the ideal look for your next ice climb. The fitted pants and roomy shoulders will make scaling that frozen wall a dream, and when you finally reach the top you can go straight to scaling the social ladder at the Chateau.