When the Only Thing That Could Buffer Your Stream Was Air

by flaunt


When the Only Thing That Could Buffer Your Stream Was Air

A newly released volume on the iconic Airstream trailer

World’s Largest Paul Bunyan. Nitt Witt Ridge. Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum. Snake Alley. Chained Rock. The Pride of Kokomo. Large Ball of String. Crack in the Ground. The Most Famous Trombone in New England. The Lonely Head of John Adams. Two Heads of Black Diamond the Elephant. Beer Can House. Home of the Hodag. Official Center of the World. KOA campground. Sticker for your suitcase. Photo for the Christmas card. Slide show in your living room.

In the fat post-war years, the modern American family was not only expected to be well read, with a strong sense of culture, but to be well travelled. The American Family Vacation became fully formed in the wake of the Airstream trailer, with travel for the average family both more accessible and more glamorous. Behind the sleek steel body, Recreational Vehicle-ing carved like the wind into the ongoing myth of America.

All images from Airstream: America's World Traveler. Courtesy Motorbrooks and and Quatro Publishing Group.