0 Pounds Given

by Georgina D'Silva

This British uni student is having fun with binaries and fun with her overdraft.
Being a student in Manchester, I wanted to photograph the lifestyle that comes with it.

My inspiration for most of my shoots and styling aesthetic comes from what I do for fun: going to galleries or grime and garage events, mixing with different creatives, even traveling Asia when I can. I take my camera everywhere with me because you never know when something will strike you.


Throughout my series of images, I wanted my girl to acquire a confident attitude: sassiness, silliness, youthfulness and softness. I also wanted her to feel comfortable in her own skin. I want to improve self-confidence when girl's dress. I want them not care what others think, and also not feel like they have to follow trends. It's about dressing for themselves, how their style choices reflect their hobbies and personality.

Most of the time I style with thrift, as a lot of my clothes are from thrift stores, too. I really enjoy putting together outfits and configuring garments to create different emotions. I want my images to be relevant to British teens while holding on to a sense of  nostalgia.


Gender equality is important, not just in fashion, but in the world around us. I love how upcoming artists have come alive, pushing boundaries in fashion. You see it on the streets, the confidence of young people who are dressing how they like and embracing their personal aesthetic.


Women dressing in menswear has gained visibility in the last few years. It's the norm to throw on your Adidas joggers and Slides, looking cool but effortless, like you're the only person who needs to be impressed.


I believe that in the future womenswear and menswear will begin to combine into a non-gender space, one where each of us, regardless of identity, chooses how WE want to look. There's no more expectation, it's about how your choices define you.


I would love to see more men gaining confidence to wear womens clothing even.


The overall objective for my series is to promote realness and just be in that moment, to not to be afraid to express yourself. Fashion is a lifestyle, nothing else. To love yourself is a powerful thing.

Photography and Styling by Georgina D’Silva (@georginadsilva)

Model: Frances (@francesccshaw)