The Second Steamiest Place to Be Before a Miami Monsoon

by flaunt

Shots from the Booth as Flaunt Magazine and Guess Preview our Art Issue at Art Basel Miami Beach with Bacardí and Spotify

Our booths are always a few degrees more humid than the ambient air—all that flaunted flesh in close proximity, fevering for the flickering of photobooth flashes.

On Monday night we throughly beat out Thursday's Miami downpour, and threw a heck of an Art Basel evening with the mega-babes at Guess, in the thick of sizzling live performances by Pusha T, and The Martinez Brothers, and in conjunction with our great pals Bacardí and Spotify. These are a selection of the the shots from the booth provided by Photobooth Miami, as we previewed our [CTRL-C] + [CTRL-V] Issue at Nautilus, a Sixty Hotel.