Rejjie Snow @ The El Rey Theatre (Pics)

by G D'silva

G photographs Rejjie Snow at the El Rey Theatre in L.A.

On Tuesday evening I decided to attend the El Rey Theatre to watch Rejjie Snow. He was supporting Aluna George, and he is a love of mine. Me being from the UK, too, I thought it would be fun to document him whilst he was in LA.


Before taking off for his European tour, Rejjie Snow and his DJ, Blackfoot Phoenix, brought an empowering stage presence to El Rey. It was so dynamic and real.


The room quickly filled up as he was about to come on stage before the sold-out venue, and the audience’s reaction was beautiful. They blissed out and smoothly bounced to his inspiring sounds.


You can tell that Rejjie is very chilled and doesn’t give a fuck what people think, coming on stage in his Nachos Pablo hoodie and palace tracksuit bottoms creating an effortless vibe.


Rejjie Snow's lyrics are relevant, often relating to his personal life, and he made me feel free. The kids of today's generation are so enthusiastic about pushing European youth forward and all about encouraging these raw vibrations. The L.A. crowd really embraced his organic energy tonight.


I believe that honest lyrics are powerful in this day and age. As a young Irish rapper, you can perceive his culture both through his lyrics, getting a sense of how his daily life inspires his raps.


Rejjie Snow recently leaked the unmastered single "Product" (feat. Future and Rich The Kid, and a spine-tingling grand piano melody) and his official video for "All Around The World" starred Lily Rose-Depp so yeah, he's elevated.

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