Pokemon Go rules everything around us

by Micaela Stanley


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Pokemon Go rules everything around us

Watch where you're going, folks

If we were given the option between a world in which Pokemon were real, and one in which they were fictitious, we would choose to have real Pokemon. Without hesitation. That’s why the latest resurgence of Pokemon through the app Pokemon Go doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

The interactive app allows fans to become part of the Pokemon world they grew up watching, or rather, it allows Pokemon to become apart of our own world. And after years of waiting, we are finally able to become the heroes of our own Pokemon- filled adventures, and live the fantasies of our late 90s dreams.

Using your phone’s GPS and camera, Pokemon Go keeps track of where you are and places Pokemon in front of you. Upon seeing the Pokemon, you can choose to capture them, and just like the “trainer” in the original games, you can carry out a quest, picking up Pokemon as you go. The mandatory movement that the game requires is designed to encourage players to move about the world. By doing this, It defies the typically seclusive nature of video games, and instead allows for a more socially fulfilling experience.

Pokemon Go’s use of the hybrid between virtual game and our physical world is known as augmented reality. Although Go is the first to experiment with augmented reality, it will no doubt usher in a new era of gaming and technology. An era that will step away from the confines of traditional video games, and into an interactive, Pokemon-ridden world.

Written by Micaela Stanley