Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

by flaunt

The MOCA Gala 2016
Always leave a party when you're having the most fun, or so the wisdom goes. With that in mind we stayed until the last of the champagne flutes were cleared and the tablecloths folded at the annual MOCA gala last weekend, this year's honoring Los Angeles' own Ed Ruscha, who was kind enough to honor everyone with both his presence and his bolo tie. Attendees included the Wilson brothers (Owen Wilson narrated a film tribute to Ruscha), the always delightful Doug Aitken, former Flaunt cover girl Elizabeth Olsen, our favorite vertically blessed iconoclast John Baldessari, stylish philanthropist Joy Venturini Bianchi, and Patricia Arquette—who spoke a little about the current exhibition, Don't Look Back. After cutting the rug to the musical stylings of Robin Thicke, we returned to our table to find that a delightful conundrum had presented itself in the form of large spoons and tiny parfait cups. Hilarity ensued.