MAU5TRAP Label Artist ATTLAS Debuts His New Track Made With Surface

by flaunt

Exploring the increasing convergence of art and tech at the Microsoft Lounge last night
In Japan last month a novel written by an AI passed the first round of screenings for one of the country's top literary prizes.

Let that sink in a bit, and then check out ATTLAS's new track Aspen created on a bus using Microsoft's Surface, and tell me you don't feel old.

Last night in Venice, Flaunt attended a listening party and panel discussion with the promising young artist. Held at the stunning Microsoft Lounge—an Eames warehouse converted to a community space outfitted in the latest Microsoft has to offer—the event was fun, inclusive, and forward-looking in a way that, surprisingly, felt very fresh.

When discussing the unique recording experience, ATTLAS stated: “It was equal measures of surreal, fun and discombobulating! On a bus, away from your usual comfortable studio setup with others around you examining your process, like deadmau5, was a bit scary but very exciting.”

AI's haven't written any Grammy-winning albums yet, but with the way art and technology are getting along these days, it would't surprise us in the least.