No More I Love Ewes

by flaunt

Hello Darling, It's Me, Your Weekly Revelations

Peaches - Rub (Uncensored) from Peaches on Vimeo.


This past week, Peaches dropped the music video for the title song off her latest album, Rub. Even by Peaches’ standards, it’s fucking off the rails. While the revered pop star/performance artist has earned repute for her shock value, and themes of feminism, sex rights and the immanent power of the female body, this video expands beyond all prior referents. She herself wrote on Facebook: it’s "the most insane Peaches video ever." This was no hyperbole. As Peaches delivers her opening lines, Tell on my pussy / Whistle blow my clit / Watch it open up / Cuz it can't keep a secret, an eclectic group engages in all types of sex acts. Boa constrictors emerge from orifices. Golden showers occur. Strap-ons dangle akimbo. So, ah, yeah, there's that.

DSilverstainNIR_7851 copy


Gen Art Fresh Faces winner Daniel Silverstain debuted his eponymous SS’16 women’s RTW collection on the runway during New York Fashion Week. In no small feat, the designer beat out over one thousand international entries with a modernist collection exploring textiles and natural forms mindful of technological multiplicities. His futuristic silhouettes, combined with wearable and directional designs, impressed the Gen Art Fashion Jury who previously gave Flaunt a What's in Yr Fridge?—Betsey Johnson, Robert Verdi, Lydia Hearst, George Wayne and designer alumni, Duckie Brown. And this month, Silverstain is partnering with Gen Art Fresh Faces as he launches his 40-piece Pre-Fall ’16 collection. Look for unwashed raw denim, bonded honeycomb knits with fringed denim and utility outerwear transformed into dresses, blouses and skirts. Aah, yes, technology leaves us feeling like shadows, too, but thankfully, one might be both blissfully aware, and well adorned.



Hey all those jazz-committed, jazz-hooking-up, or just jazz-curious holiday shoppers, lube up that online cart. A re-release of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme (The Complete Masters) comes 50 years after the sensually precise masterpiece. Now, though, listeners can indulge in every take, every overdub, and every recorded conversation. And unlike other "similar suggestions" boasting rigorous sex appeal, this 3-disc set attains climax, and actually goes for round two with a live recording of the entire album from the July 1965 Festival Mondial du Jazz Antibes. If you're not quite there yet, consider this: smooth fingerer extraordinaire Carlos Santana introduces Coltrane and his dashing players to the assumedly beautiful French crowd.


Karl Lagerfeld’s latest film effort celebrates the strength and vivacity of fashion icon Coco Chanel. Here, Twilight graduate Kristen Stewart moves over and/or up into the decadent world of high fashion. Things take a meta-twist, though; Stewart plays a difficult young actress hired to portray the young Coco in a film. While Stewart holds the focus, playing her oh-so-pretty part with a certain effortlessness, it’s the radiant Geraldine Chaplin (yes, that Chaplin) who makes the most of every moment. Chaplin plays (an older actress playing) Chanel in her salad days. In minimal screen time, she conjures immense effect, becoming the enviable mark on what could have been a trope-ish attempt at extended relevancy.


What can $90 million buy you? Many things, including a grand renovation of the Peterson Automotive Museum. After investing as much cash in renovation, Los Angeles can now pass time amidst an exhibition filled with hundreds of expensive concept cars, vintage autos and motorcycles from bygone eras, X-Box powered Driver Simulators, and an overzealous car elevator. Because, at the end of the day, nothing says luxury like someone else operating your vehicle as a machine raises it up towards the Gods of Hollywood (or at least to the Discovery Center on the third floor)

Petersen Automotive Museum is now open everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.