No More I Love Ewes

by flaunt

Hello Darling It's Me, Your Weekly Revelations

Thanksgiving Proclamation


President Obama may have pardoned this year’s turkey, but a staggering 46 million of its kindred have met their day of reckoning for the Thursday feast. If pangs of vegetarian angst are fowling your soul (and you have $8.4 million to spare) you could always skip the luncheon and get a little closer to the original meaning of the holiday by buying one of George Washington’s original Thanksgiving Proclamations.

Guy Bourdin

  guy bourdain

Some people measure success by Nobel Prize wins or Olympic track records.  Another way to know that you’ve really made it is to have Madonna praise your work because it “is so sick and interesting.” Legendary French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin is featured in a retrospective at Somerset House in London. Guy Bourdin: Image Maker will run from the end of November until March.

Wu Tang Clan

Once upon a time in shaolin

Wu Tang Clan is redefining the phrase limited release with their new album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. There will only be one copy made, which will tour museums and galleries before being sold to the highest bidder. The album accompanies the slightly more accessible A Better Tomorrow which comes out December 1st.

Pierre Huyghe


Who knows what’s real anymore? One minute you’re stuck in traffic wondering if you’ll get to work on time, the next minute you’re guzzling a caffeine fix and sliding the down the rabbit-hole of Pierre Huyghe’s dizzying films and installations. LACMA in Los Angeles is holding the first major retrospective of the French artist’s work until February 22nd.

Wildfox - Barbie Line


As was featured in a playful little foldout in our current Nine Lives Issue, Wildfox have released a Barbie themed fashion line; Welcome to the Dreamhouse: at Home with Barbie. In the words of creative director Kimberley Gordon, "it's just like hangover clothes… our collections are always kind of like, you can throw it on... and look chic and feel like shit."  It’s reassuring to think that even Barbie needs a remedy for bad-hair days.

Minsuk Cho

Minsuk Cho

Minsuk Cho, the architect and founder of the firm Mass Studies is one of the most interesting architects working today. His projects grab place and geometry and entangle them in truly innovative ways. Cho has won multiple awards including a recent Golden Lion at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia. A comprehensive exhibition of his work Before/After Mass Studies Does Architecture is on at the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul until February 1st, 2015.

Montage of Heck


HBO is set to show a new documentary about Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck. The biopic will be the first Nirvana-related production to get official endorsement from the Cobain family including Frances Bean. No word yet on Courtney's involvement, but Flaunt has always got its flannel and Docs at the ready.

Classical Nudes and the Making of Queer History


Is it only gay if it makes you touch yourself?  There seems to be a disconnect between the rabid persecution of homosexuality through much of the last millennia or so, and the consuming drive to explore the naked form in art. Classical Nudes and the Making of Queer History at the Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York considers the history of the classical nude and the overt sexism that prevented female artists from portraying same-sex desire or the naked form until the late 19th century.  The exhibition runs until January 4th.

James Patterson

james patterson

In an accomplished addition to the rich oeuvre of confusing messages, the novelist James Patterson has taken to the mass burning of books to bemoan the decline of readership, literature and publishing in America. In a trailer fit for a B-Grade horror film, Patterson warns us; "ENOUGH! I’m James Patterson, please go to - we can stop the book burning!". Sounds good to us.

First 3D Printed Object IN OUTER SPACE


Zero G high fives all round for the brilliant boffins at NASA who have just managed to do the first ever 3D printing in space. The NASA logo in plastic resin is a bit less exciting than the ray-gun our fingers were crossed for, but that’s one small step for on-demand component manufacturing in low-earth orbit.

Nikesh Shukla

Lamb in space.jpg

Keeping our Love Ewes well above the atmosphere for a moment - that’s also one small step for lamb, with author Nikesh Shukla putting a lambchop high in the sky to promote his new novel Meatspace.  Flaunt hasn’t read it yet, but we’re impressed with the altitude of his entrepreneurial flair.

Howard Hodgkin


If you need a color transfusion to brighten up your post-weekend blues, the Gagosian Gallery in London will be exhibiting thirty of the gouache paintings of English artist Howard Hodgkin until the end of January. Inspired by his numerous trips to India, Indian Waves showcases a 20 year old collection that that has never been shown in public.

Supreme x The North Face


Our favorite cool kids at Supreme have teamed up with parka magnate The North Face to make a stylish line of winter gear just in time for the Polar Vortex. Available online and in-store in New York, Los Angeles and London, the fully insulated waterproof line includes everything from parkas to sleeping bags.

Curated by Gus Donohoo and Miguel Jimenez