The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have the time to fall

by flaunt

Flaunt and The Colony Life ring in Coachella's first weekend with Mikey Lion, DJ Whitney Fierce, and Pr0files
On the first Friday of Coachella, we joined our mates The Colony Life to launch our Spring festival season in style with an unhinged knees-up in Bermuda Dunes. We felt the buzz of love courtesy of our dating app friends Bumble, and sipped away the dry desert sands with some refreshing House Beer and Suja Juice by the pool before hitting up the Bulletproof Oxygen Bar when we wanted a little less H with our O.

As the night darkened and our pulses accelerated, we entered a killer dance floor repurposed from an aircraft hanger, where we scaled the podium to kick it with Mikey Lion, DJ Whitney Fierce, and Pr0files.

Only when the day had truly risen did we leave our new friends in the spa for some micro flickers of sleep, content in the knowledge that night one had been well and truly crushed.