Pinky Pinky | One of LA's coolest girl bands

by Flaunt Magazine


While I was a bit late to go to The Echo, on my way down Sunset Blvd I could hear the distinctive crooning of Pinky Pinky’s lead singer, Anastasia Sanchez, leaking out the door of one of the buildings to my left. Following that sound, I finally found my way to the concert. Having only spent a few minutes listening to them prior, I was surprised by how much of an impression they were able to leave on me.

In each song they played, the musical talents of all three members seemed to be woven together in a way that highlighted each of their individual skill sets. Guitarist Isabelle Fields soloed over funky bass lines played by Eva Chambers while Anastasia Sanchez kept killer time on the drums and belted out lyrics of life and love. By blending together the coolest trends from different decades of music, Pinky Pinky has successfully given their music a fresh and contemporary sound, a factor that is critical to success in a city like Los Angeles. A city filled with a growing number of musicians that all sound the same. For a band fresh out of high school to already have paved a unique pathway into the music industry is impressive, especially considering they sound the same, if not better live.


Pinky Pinky’s new EP, Hot Tears, consists of five songs, each with a vibe different from the others but all being the band’s own take on 60’s garage rock. The songs are exactly what you’d expect from an up and coming LA girl band with style as cool as theirs. And they seem to dress the same was as they make their music. Pulling inspiration from different decades and making it into something that is unapologetically their own.

With a mere 5,000 followers on Instagram, Pinky Pinky is clearly new to the music scene but are already acquiring a steady fan base. When the trio mentioned that they were about to play their last song, there was a unanimous groan of opposition from the crowd —I realized how many people were at the Echo for them, and not the other bands who played that night— and despite never really listening to them beforehand, I couldn’t help but feel the same way.


Since there are a lot of up and coming bands in Los Angeles, it’s hard to know which ones will actually get the momentum they need to take off. I think Pinky Pinky has what it takes. And while they are still on the rise, I’m gonna take advantage of their $10 tickets.

Written and photographed by Lotus Kaufman