by Flaunt Staff

What is a secret you've been told that you wish you hadn't heard? The contributors to The Secrets Issue are revealed.
Caroline Ryder

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Caroline Ryder is a Hollywood- based writer who has written for Dazed magazine, the LA Times, and LA Weekly, and is writing a screenplay based on the life of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko.

Caroline spoke to cover star Saoirse Ronan on the phone from a closet in Los Angeles while Ronan was in the hospital in New York, the result of that strange conversation can be found here.

What is a secret you’ve been told that you wish you hadn’t heard?

“That semen actually *is* good for your complexion.”


Kerry Stichweh


Kerry Stichweh is a writer, dancer, choreographer and director, who has performed with Merce Cunningham, Matthew Barney, Mark Morris and others. In addition to her career in dance, Stichweh has run an interior design firm for the past 17 years. Recent projects have seen Kerry branch into film with the production of a short documentary on Misty Copeland and a feature film, Cunningham 3D. Coming soon is a feature-length political documentary on American democracy; Running for the Hills.

Kerry spoke to Silas Riener and Rashaun Mitchell about stories, dance, and Anne Carson, here.

What is a secret you’ve been told that you wish you hadn’t heard?

“Which one? For whatever reason, I’m that go-to person everyone seems to confide in, I considered making a top ten list, but some of what you would read would be so scandalous I questioned whether I’d soon be found in a ditch.”


Tab Hunter

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Tab Hunter was the golden boy of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Starring in his first role at 19, Tab appeared in over 40 major motion pictures, alongside talents like Sophia Loren and James Dean. He also enjoyed a very successful recording career that culminated in his song “Young Love” (1956) which sat at number one on the charts for six weeks.

Tab revealed to us the secrets of the Golden Era of Hollywood glamour.

A secret Tab was told that he wished he’d never heard was:

“When Rock Hudson contracted AIDS; he was an old friend as well as a neighbor and it was stunning news at the time.”


Lulu Berton

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Lulu Berton is an Italian-American journalist and published author. With broad international experience across print, radio and TV, Lulu has lately been specializing in investigative journalism features. She has published two books and is currently working on her second American novel.

Lulu wrote about the intersection of family secrets and state secrets here.

She has been the recipient of many secrets, familial and otherwise. One of which is:

“That one of my Italian aristocratic ancestors was forced to join a cloistered monastery as a nun back in the seventeen hundreds and was forced to live a life of penitence despite her desire for freedom. Her story is so sad that at times I wish I never heard about it.”


Tiffany Strauchs Rad


Tiffany Strauchs Rad is an attorney, computer security researcher, and a part-time adjunct professor teaching computer security, cyber law, and ethics. Her research was listed as fourth in the “Top White Hat Hacks” in 2014 by Bloomberg news, featured on the Discovery Channel’s The True Story: Die Hard 4.0, and on the television series Mr. Robot.

Tiffany spoke hypothetically to us about celebrity phone hacks here.

What is a secret you’ve been told that you wish you hadn’t heard?

“There are many secrets one learns from working in computer security. The hard part about doing research on safety- critical systems is staying quiet and waiting for a patch. When something is vulnerable; if you’ve discovered it, the bad guys probably have, too.”




ioulex is photography duo Julia Koteliansky and Alexander Kerr, who met as students at Parsons School of Design in Paris. Their portraits, fashion stories, and films have appeared in the New Yorker, M le magazine du Monde, the New York Times T Magazine, Wired, Variety, Nowness, Die Zeit and other international publications. Ioulex exhibited at Audio Visual Arts gallery and The Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Centre Pompidou and Colette in Paris, and De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. Julia and Alexander live and work together between New York and Paris.

The duo photographed our cover star Jessica Chastain for this issue here.

They say that photographers know the secrets that are never said, but Julie and Alexander are more concerned with the facts:

“Baby carrots are just regular carrots, chopped into smaller pieces.”


Phyllida Barlow

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Phyllida Barlow—best known for her colossal sculptural projects— has created striking sculptures and bold and expansive installations since the 1960s that confront the relationship between objects and the space that surrounds them. Barlow’s work has been presented in solo exhibitions around the world. Her latest exhibitions include the recently opened ARTIST ROOMS at the Tate Modern, London (2016) as well as ‘tryst’ at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas (2015).

Phyllida created an art cover for this issue based on a drawing of her “pom-poms.” A selection of her work and words can be seen here as part of our feature on Hauser Wirth & Schimmel.

When we asked Phyllida about a secret she had been told that she wished she hadn’t, all we got was mum. This makes us like her even more.