Simi and Haze Khadra Discuss Turning Heads and Tables

by flaunt

“Depending on whatever vibe we catch, we ride that wave very hard”
Many young boys (and doubtless, young girls, and simply loads of people old enough to know better) have shared idle fantasies of seeing double, and coming face-to-face with not one beautiful model, but two. Such is a part of the allure of the enchanting Khadra duo, fashion it-girls, film and fine arts students, and fashion-scene music makers. When your first DJ gig is a party at Coachella, it is safe to say your career is fast tracking in the right direction. And this is exactly how the Palestinian, Dubai-born identical twins, Simi and Haze Khadra first unleashed their fingers upon the wheels of steel, going on to helm the tables at a string of major industry events—from the Sundance Film Festival to New York Fashion Week.

The twins have become a regular fixture on the scene, and have been both photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, as well as being invited to his tres fabulous New York boat party along with it-gal pals Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne. As movers and shakers with global fashion reach, the Khadra twins—of course—spend time in both Paris and L.A., and are thus the perfect Oh La La Land residents. Although they love basking in the vibes of both cities, when offered the the choice of a stroll down the Champs-Élysées or a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway (ideally in a ’66 rag-top Impala), they say they would opt for the PCH every time: “Whenever I go to Malibu I love driving and listening to music, the PCH is the best place to do that,” explains Simi who much like old-school it-girl Emmy Noether draws inspiration from perpetual motion: “Being in the car, listening to music is such an amazing feeling, when you’re moving to music, it’s moving with you. For us, being in the car is very productive, it’s where we do our music research.”

But school out, or school in, the surf’s up, and the Khadra twins aren’t paddling in: “Depending on whatever vibe we catch, we ride that wave very hard,” says Haze. “For example, if we are on a dancehall wave we’ll be on that wave for months.” It’s fair to say they have a blue-water, crystal-clear vision of what they want to achieve with their music—while still remembering to enjoy themselves and admire the barrel as it rolls overhead. A perfect Simi and Haze set? “Good energy, positive vibes and everyone just having fun. That’s what DJing is all about, having fun and catching vibes.”

Photographer: Bibi Cornejo Borthwick for Print and Contact.

Director: Skyler Wakil.

Stylist: Sean Knight.

Hair: Nikki Providence for Forward Artists using R+Co.

Makeup: Natasha Severino for Forward Artists using Nars.