Quincy Brown: A Q&A with the Star Actor About His Passions and Growing Music Career

by Flaunt Intern

 Quincy Brown | Image via Eduardo Figueroa | Credits: DYNE sweatshirt and pants.

Quincy Brown | Image via Eduardo Figueroa | Credits: DYNE sweatshirt and pants.

From his role as Derek on Lee Daniel's Fox series Star to his latest music video release for "Late Night Flex," Quincy Brown is a burgeoning talent that you surely want to keep an eye on. Quincy, son of R&B singer Al B. Sure! (and guided by Sean "Diddy" Combs), has starred in multiple productions including Cannes indie hit DOPE, Jamal Hill's Brotherly Love, and Tyler Perry's The Haves And The Have Nots.

While killing it on the screen Quincy has also released music including his latest album This Is For You; It was released this past February on Spotify. Flaunt was able to get some intel from Quincy about how he balances his passions in his life and his latest work. Check it out below.

How would you describe your style of music?

My style is very versatile. I hate to label it with a genre but it’s a nice crossover of feel good music. I have fun with my records. I like taking poetic approaches in the storytelling of life’s experiences. It’s embedded with personality so my listeners may get to know me in the process.  

You just released your music video for “Late Night Flex.” What was your inspiration behind the making of the song and video? 

This was definitely a fan favorite.  This song takes a dive into a very vulnerable Quincy. So for the video, I wanted the art to visually take you through a swing of emotions. I teamed up with Stephen Garnet to make it happen. 

What are some of your music influences, and how did you first get inspired to start making music?

Some of my music influences are Marvin Gaye, Pharrell, Common, Bruno Mars, and, of course, Drake. I've always been surrounded by music, my whole life. All aspects of it, from the producer's side, the artistry, and even the business of it. Without being in it.  

I had to let it figure itself out. Growing up as a kid, I would always make conversations into songs that were popular. Like if I had a dinner request, my grandmother loved when I sang her what I wanted to eat. I would sing it in the exact melody of a song she knew so it made it comical.

Long story short, she told me I should start making my own songs but I would always argue like no one is going to listen to music about me singing about stupid stuff. When I got my own laptop, Garage Band gave me all the freedom to grow. 

Aside from music your acting career is taking off, how do you balance making music and acting as well?

It’s actually a perfect situation right now juggling both. It’s the beginning for the music so It works itself out. At least for right now. I am always doing something to nurture both so there ae no days off.

Your performance on Star is great, how do you feel coming into the next season? And how do you like working with your cast? 

Thank you! Coming into next season has me ecstatic! Blessed to see Season 2! I couldn’t ask for a better cast. They make working easy and fun. That’s how it should be.  I can’t wait for everyone to see what happens in Derek’s journey. 

We’ve seen your work in Star and Dope, What inspired you to pursue acting? 

Honestly, a lot of it comes naturally. I studied as well but you can’t be “taught” to act. One of my teachers said to me once, “Acting really isn’t acting.” But as a kid, I was always putting on little plays and performing skits in the house with my cousins. Also, My Mee-Maw always had a movie on. Which got me familiar with certain actors she liked to watch. I would mimic them all the time and try to be like them. 

Fashion week is happening all around the world right now, are there any designers that you can say are your favorite or you keep up with? 

Neil Barrett is on my radar heavy. Favorites are his geometric aesthetics with color and design. I rocked one of his oversized new pieces at the Star premiere! DSquared2 is a favorite of mine as well. I know the twins through my family. Their design aesthetic is clean but has an edginess that I like. Last is Moschino. Jeremy Scott has stayed true to the late Franco Moschino's vision. His designs are beyond fun. Very expressive.

Going back to your music, what else have you been working on lately? Can your fans expect anything in the near future coming? 

Absolutely, I’ve had time to really work on myself sonically. I feel completely in control of my sound now. I'm going to be rolling out single after single very soon! And more visuals of course!

Written by Alex Ceballos
Styled by Miquelle West
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