The Oh La La Land Issue: Contributors

by flaunt


Sarah Andelman has been Miss Colette since 1997. Sarah suggested some FW16 product collaborations between current fashion brands and some dearly departed icons of L.A. and Paris.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Sarah. 

"Cotton Candy."

Above image by Darcel


The daughter of designer Maria Cornejo and photographer Mark Borthwick—Bibi Cornejo Borthwick took her first steps on the set of photo shoots and was learning to load up rolls of film when other kids were building Lego towers. Now an acclaimed fashion, portrait, and fine art photographer, Bibi has also made films for Armani, Céline, and Comme Des Garçons. Bibi shot twin DJs Simi and Haze Khadra for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Bibi.

"Like the ocean: sweet with a salty edge."


Brad J. Bushman. Ph.D. is a Professor of Communication and Psychology at The Ohio State University, and a professor of communication science at the VU University Amsterdam. For over 30 years he has studied the causes, consequences, and solutions to the problem of human aggression and violence. He is a member of President Obama’s committee on gun violence. Following the Newtown shooting, he co-chaired a National Science Foundation subcommittee report on youth violence, and testified before the U.S. Congress on that report. In 2014 he received the Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Media Psychology and Technology from the American Psychological Association. Brad wrote an essay for us on gun violence in cinema.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Brad.

"Dutch Stroopwafels."


Fabien Darioli and Jordi Quesada, from Spain and Sweden, respectively, are the founders of Green Translations—a full-service translation and interpretation agency based in Los Angeles. With a track record of servicing leading international companies, including official government communications, Fortune 500 corporations, and environment organizations, Green Translations contributes a percentage of their revenue to organizations dedicated to helping the environment. Fabien and Jordi translated the original story of our visit to the Hermès scarf atelier in Lyon.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Fabien and Jordi.

Fabien: "Jasmine and cedar."

Jordi: "Bergamot and lavender!"


Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was born in Casablanca, Morocco. After graduating from l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts and l'Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Vêtement, he began work on his own women's ready-to-wear line under the brand lead by his mother: Ko and Co. He launched his first collection in 1970, including a coat cut from a blanket—which remains a fashion legend to this day. Two years later, he joined the Créateurs & Industriels group and opened his first boutique on Place du Marché Saint-Honoré in Paris. Always part artist, part designer, Jean Charles was invited to be the first fashion designer to show at the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes for his collection of “painting dresses,” or collaborations with artists such as Jean-Charles Blais, Robert Combas, and Loulou Picasso. A retrospective book on his art and design, Fashion, Art & Rock´n´Roll, is out this fall via teNeues. Jean-Charles designed our art cover for this issue, as well as several Oh La La Land section openers found throughout the issue. An interview with him and images from the forthcoming book can be found here.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Jean-Charles.

"Like my childhood."


Originally from France, Paul Desmarre began his career at the highly esteemed Coiffirst Salon on the Champs Elysees in Paris. There, Paul mastered and learned to encapsulate the Parisian hairstyle, and his technique eventually garnered attention from publications such as Elle, Madame Figaro, Jalouse, MarieClaire, and W Magazine. Recently, he has been developing his own line of hair products, aprons, and candles. Paul lent his talents to our Hollywood Streakers feature, and our Paris Saint-Germain feature.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Paul.

"What a coincidence you asked! My first candle is going to be a collaboration with French candle brand Florilège Co. My signature scent is Peppermint and you will find this fragrance throughout my brand. For the candle, we wanted to keep this main ingredient but add a masculine, yet sensual touch to it that all women love. We came up with a very nice Peppermint and Musk formula. It is fresh and woodsy. We called the collaboration “diner aux Chandelles” (candlelit dinner)."


Chris Friend is a multidisciplinary artist who is currently channeling his creativity through visual effects. An early childhood of moving around a lot helped foster a sense of curiosity about culture and the impact of art in people's lives. He can be found in Los Angeles, helping directors bring their dreams to life with his company, Vision Friend. Chris created some timeless works of art for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Chris.

"Cigarettes, grease, and car exhaust."


Zoey Grossman was born in Manhattan but grew up in Hollywood, going to art school for painting, and then attended The University of Pennsylvania for college—majoring in Fine art with a minor in photography. Her work spans fine art, fashion, and the commercial world—continuously maintaining her point of view and exploring sexuality, femininity, vulnerability, and power. Zoey photographed Die Antwoord for us, as well as some renaissance-style babes in FW16 fashion.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Zoey.

"My Oh La La Land candle would also be edible. It would smell like spicy, rich vanilla, and it would taste like warm, velvety maple syrup with a splash of bourbon. When you inhale it, (and/or taste it), it would fill you with passion, lust, and aspiration—it would remind you of your best self, when you feel like anything is possible."


Jennifer Herrema is a musician, singer, writer, artist, producer, and style lion. Her sound, art aesthetic, and style have been ascendant over the past two decades through her work with Royal Trux, RTX, Black Bananas, and her countless contributions to the fashion and art world. Stills from her untitled film project can be found here.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Jennifer. 

"Marijuana Champagne."


Danielle Levitt is a commercial film director and photographer. Her vibrant and broad body of work covers portraiture and editorials and advertising campaigns. Her personal work explores the evolving landscape of contemporary youth culture, which resulted in her first monograph We Are Experienced (2008, Power House Books). Her entry into the film world came when she was commissioned to direct a short documentary on fashion designer Rick Owens’ foray into the world of luxury home furnishings. Danielle shot Michèle Lamy for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Danielle.

"Leftover patchouli in a bag, mixed with leather and sweet smoke."


Douglas Little is a master of visual communication and storytelling. He specializes in the interpretation and translation of corporate identity into dramatic environments, window displays, products, advertising and other media that articulate the unique sensibility of a brand. He is the founder and creative director Heretic Parfum, Art Director, set and environmental scent designer for Queen of the Night at the Diamond Horseshoe NYC, and Creative Director at the AvenueL World Shopping Center in Seoul, Korea, to name a few. Douglas designed the set for our cover shoot with Britney Spears.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Douglas.

"The fragrance for Oh La La Land would best be described by the French phrase "la petite mort" (the little death). It means "a state or event resembling or prefiguring death; a weakening or loss of consciousness, specifically in sleep or during an orgasm.” Top chord: Sun-warmed soft pine, turpentine butter, frankincense, and linseed oil. Open in a hallucination of past and present. Heart chord: Full, over-ripened Bulgarian rose, swells of French tuberose, heated skin, saliva, waxy carnelian lipstick, and wet hair. Base chord: Sweet, sticky clouds of blonde tobacco, smoky brine, Topanga sweet grass, opium tar absolute, labdanum, hints of scrotum laced with Madagascar vanilla concrete."


David Loosely is a writer, translator, and emeritus professor of Contemporary French Culture at the University of Leeds, UK. His latest book, Edith Piaf: A Cultural History, was published in 2015. He has been visiting professor at the Universities of Strasbourg and Complutense in Madrid, and visiting research scholar at the Remarque Institute, NYU. In 2010, he was made Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the French government for services to French culture. David wrote about Edith Piaf’s little-known Hollywood life.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, David.

"The scent of Gauloises and Scotch whisky in a chic L.A. cabaret."


Victoire Louapre is a French food critic based in Los Angeles. She writes for guides and publications around the world, and on her own website, Victoria has been featured as a food expert in Condé Nast Traveler, Afar, and The Times. She is launching a consulting agency to help chefs with "anything but cooking"—social media, design, partnerships, event planning—to allow L.A.-based chefs to focus on what they love the most. Victoire wrote a column on the differences in Parisian and Angeleno dining experiences.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Victoire.

"A mineral smell—echoing Paris’ pavés and L.A.’s waves."


Hala Moawad is a fashion stylist who grew up between Paris, Sao Paulo, and Beirut. She began interning at Issa London while still studying, staying there for a few years. She then worked with Lebanese designer Sarah Beydoun, (Sarah's Bag) as a designer and art director. Meanwhile she was freelancing for L'Officiel Levant and Aishti mag before joining the mother group Les Editions Jalou in Paris. Hala is now a freelance stylist and writer contributing to publications like Paper, Numéro Homme Berlin, Jalouse, Marfa Journal, Out of Order and Unemployed. In addition to being a contributing editor to Flaunt, Hala styled our feature with Parisian cool kids Clara 3000 and Rendez-Vous.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Hala.

"Tobacco and tuberoses."


Ian Morrison was born and raised in Washington State, where he grew up with a love of nature and family, and a strong restlessness. In middle school the film Baraka (1992) sparked an intense drive to travel the world and to use a camera lens to document its history, beauty, and—most particularly—its people. Ian started out in Los Angeles sharing a 12,000 square foot warehouse with a few friends. He has developed into a notable Hollywood photographer who has captured celebrities as diverse as Edgar Ramirez and Mark Mothersbaugh, and who has shot in locations as far flung as a floating village and as wonderful as the islands of Greece. Ian shot Parisian football club Paris Saint-Germain, and Hollywood streaking in Hudson denim for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Ian.

"Oud, weed, musk, cognac, and a touch of bergamot."


Rick Owens began designing after a two-year stint in pattern cutting school in Los Angeles, where he founded his namesake line in 1994 and remained largely under the radar, with a small but dedicated following in the underground glam rock and grunge communities. In 2001 Owens moved production of his line to Italy and relocated to Paris. With his partner Michèle Lamy, he conceives of collections that marry Classical influences with Brutalist design, often to acclaim. Rick filmed a video of his Parisian workout routine for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Rick. 

"Water from the Seine and water from the Pacific."


Melanie Jane Parker is a writer, editor, and teacher. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Melanie wrote a column for us.

What would your Oh La La Land candle smell like?

"Smokey like wildfire and metallic like the Seine."

Fe Pinheiro

Fe Pinheiro started taking documentary-style photographs in his native Brazil before being discovered by the École des hautes étude who offered him a chance to earn his Masters in Bordeaux and then Paris. After moving to London, he started working with Vivienne Westwood shooting fashion editorials for the first time. Fe shot actor César Domboy for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Fe.

"Weed, cigarettes, and coffee with sea salt and pepper."


French-born Bertrand W. began fulfilling his destiny early. By the age of 16 he was living in Paris, working with the legendary hair designer Jean-Marc Maniatis, and styling runway shows in Europe and New York. Bertrand branched out on his own after that, sharing his time between Paris and Montreal. Soon his work was showing in major fashion editorials such as Elle, Numero, American and Russian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, all while he continued working as art director for a major salon in Montreal. He next brought his talent to Los Angeles, bringing with him a collective that includes the likes of French photographer Patrick Demachelier as well as image-makers Paul Jasmin, Serge Barbeau, Peter Gerke, and Matthias Vriens. Bertrand styled Keke Palmer for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Bertrand.

"21.5 oz. Sunwashed Linen Libby glass jar scented soy candle."


Edward W. Wood Jr. lives in Denver Colorado. An 11th generation soldier, he enlisted in World War II at the age of 18, where he was wounded during the liberation of France. He has received two Wurlitzer Foundation Grants and a literary award from the National Council of Senior Citizens. His book On Being Wounded is published by Fulcrum. Ed wrote an essay on the realities of war vs. the movies for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Ed.

"When I think of the perfume of France, it is not only the stink of combat in 1944 I remember, but the mystical fragrance of the interiors of the Cathedrals of Notre Dame and Chartres, a promise of peace."


Olivier Zahm is a French fashion journalist, blogger, photographer, and magazine editor. He is the founder, owner and editor of the French fashion and culture magazine Purple. Olivier photographed an Oh La La Land calendar for us.

Describe the scent of your Oh La La Land candle, Olivier.

"Sea, sex, and sun."