Jeremy Scott

by Roberta Wellington

Like Smitty From the Simpsons
The Mastercard logo, shopping bags, F1 racecars, wraparound sunglasses, the Crown Jewels, the Court of Versailles, Barbie, graffiti, and of course, Bart Simpson are all examples of the pop culture detritus that wunderkind Jeremy Scott drenches his clothes in. With a firm belief that more is more is more is more, the 40-year-old Creative Director of Moschino always seems to be one step ahead of us. Is he commenting on an overly consumptive society and the commodification of beauty with a dress that exactly resembles a Sale! tag? Is he laughing at us or with us?

Jeremy Scott is a man of vision. As Vlad Yudin, the director of the upcoming Scott documentary, put it, “With Moschino and all his recent success, he has come out to be an even bigger brand but still maintains his rebellious nature, so it’s an interesting take. I think that in the fashion world, he’s definitely one of a kind.”

The highly anticipated bio-doc will trace Scott from his roots in Kansas City, Missouri to his move to Paris when he was 21, and his ascent through the fashion ranks thereafter, along the way of course chiefly enjoying L.A. as his hat hanger. Beloved by Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry—he designed the latter’s spectacular Super Bowl halftime costumes, in all their left shark glory—Scott has always been a divisive figure in the fashion world, but, in his words, it was destiny, “I feel very fortunate that from a very young age I never had a choice as to what I was going to do,” Scott said. “I started designing because I needed to express myself.”

Jeremy Scott, with his appropriation of the pop logo and the tag may be following a long and prestigious tradition of subverting our notions of taste, but he’ll be moving at too maximally silly a clip to notice or care.

Photography: Marcus Mam for

Stills from Jeremy Scott—the People’s Designer (2015). 108 minutes.