Janet Montgomery

by flaunt

“All acting is a game of masks. Janet’s unique gift—comparable in my mind to only a few of the great golden age Hollywood stars—is her uncanny ability to let you sense the face beneath the mask.” – Co-creator Adam Simon, Salem (TV Series 2014-)

Esteemed British actress Janet Montgomery[5] defines CALIFUK’s complex intersectionality. As the power-wielding, fashion-forward witch Mary Sibley on WGN’s Salem, she exerts a flare of supernatural manipulation á la Lady Macbeth. Set in 17th Century Massachusetts, Montgomery dons exquisite low-cut gowns, and capes with fur-trim, all while subverting starched-collar, Puritanical dominion. But when she grabs dinner after work in laid-back L.A., it’s not even a matter of flats or flip-flops; she says she sometimes dines flat-out barefoot. Apropos, she’s a master of mask-changes, and a trained dancer. She squared off with Natalie Portman as the Little Swan in Darren Aronofsky’s exacting drama Black Swan (2010). But Montgomery juxtaposes gravitas and levity in her chosen roles—she plays Eric Murphy’s assistant Jennie on HBO’s Entourage (2010-2011), and Paul Rudd’s love interest in Our Idiot Brother (2011). But of three forthcoming roles, Drive, She Said puts the classy actress opposite goofball Jason Biggs, as a prostitute. CALIFUK yeah, Montgomery toes a delicate line between elegance and embarrassment, highbrow and lowbrow. Is it not the best?

 5 Born 29 October 1985[a]

5.a “It’s something they won’t even entertain at this point,” – producer Ralph Andrews[i] 

5.i From “Black Soap Opera ‘Turns The Tables” 

by Lee Margulies[*] | Los Angeles Times | 29 October 1985 

*In 1985, Ralph Andrews and O.J. Simpson worked with Columbia Pictures to drum up individual station support for an outline of Heart & Soul, an all-Black soap opera. At the time, the No. 1 TV series was The Cosby Show but, still, the executive producers didn’t bother pitching to the three commercial networks. On March 27, 1989, Generations aired on NBC. Starring Vivica A. Fox, it became the first soap opera to feature an African-American family.

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