Gregg Sulkin

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MARC JACOBS jacket, CALVIN KLEIN sweater, GREG LAUREN shirt, DSQAURED2jeans, GIORGIO ARMANI shoes, andDIOR sunglasses.


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EMPORIOARMANIcotton boxers.


DIESELtankSALVATORE FERRAGAMOtrousersEMPORIO ARMANIbelt, andHUBLOT‘classic fusion’ ultra-thin king gold black shiny dial watch.

Gregg Sulkin

Hold the Elevator, I’m Coming

We could be royal, but then nothing would be royal, and English actor Gregg Sulkin would need a new class all his own. As heartthrob Liam Booker on MTV’s

Faking It

, he’s too hot for his own good (threesomes, hookups, heartaches, oh my!). Although Sulkin battles commitment issues onscreen, IRL, the 23-year-old star is proudly taken. He and Bella Thorne have closed the paparazzi’s rumor-mill by openly displaying their affection for one another (smiles, kisses, and interview confessions, oh yeah!). Sulkin carries his unwitting hotness with gracious aplomb. In interviews, especially, he’s well spoken with regards to his craft—a method actor, he keeps his American accent while shooting



. Off the job, so to speak, one might hope he remains as affable. Yes, Sulkin’s keenly interested in football (the original one, played with feet). Though we trust he’d let down his guard, and let spill his Received Pronunciation, we place the odds of Sulkin’s hooliganism near zero.

We’re charmed.

In spite of a 2015 Teen Choice Awards nomination—Choice Summer TV Star—and his work on forthcoming teen thriller Don’t Hang Up, the ever in-demand Sulkin made time to speak to us.

If you could play any character, who would it be? 

Honestly, Bond. What young bloke doesn’t want to be the classiest badass around?! We will see if it happens, but it’s something I’ve always dreamed of.

I do think it’s very important in this industry to be selective with the roles and projects I take, that is something I’m always conscious of. Another big dream of mine is to produce too. Hopefully in the next five years, I will be starring in something as well as producing it.

What’s on the horizon?

I am about to start shooting season three of FakingIt, which I’m very excited for. It has been a pleasant experience and also an honor to be working on such a groundbreaking show. The cast and crew truly are like my second family and my showrunner Carter Covington is someone who I have the upmost respect for.

I also have a horror movie coming out called Don’t Hang Up, which should be out in 2016. It’s a movie I’m very proud of. We actually shot it in London, which was an experience, mainly because I booked the job in America, flew to London to shoot a movie that was meant to be based in the States and I had to stay in my American accent the whole time while being in my hometown!

The material was very dark and challenging and I think it’s important as an actor to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

What is your most British trait? What is the most “American” thing about you?

Most British? I love football. I’m a massive Arsenal fan and wake up very early on the weekends to watch the matches. I often get noise complaints in hotels because I’ll be screaming at the TV like a nutcase!

American? Well I think a lot of people in L.A. live a very healthy lifestyle and hit the gym, so I guess I’ve definitely adapted that into my own life. I am a big foodie though so it’s not easy!

Describe a perfect day.

No one has actually ever asked me that before! Ideally, catch up with my family in the morning on Skype/FaceTime, drive to set, come home in the evening, watch some football and spend time with my girlfriend.

Do you feel people have an unhealthy attachment to their smartphones? Could you live without it? Does it even matter?!

100%. Go to any restaurant, club, coffee shop and you will see the addiction for yourself.

Technology has brought so many people “closer” together in certain communities around the world, but I also feel it has contributed in people getting sloppy and lazy in their own friendships—it’s so easy to check in with someone via text, rather than meet up face to face.

On the one hand I would love to live without it. On the other, it’s made things like getting around L.A. and connecting with my family across the pond so much easier.

I think it’s all about how you manage it and realize when to use your smartphone and when not to.

What was the last piece of advice your mother gave you?

Brush your teeth. Make sure you look good and smell nice.

What is the most attractive quality in another person?

I think when someone is willing to be selfless, that to me is very attractive.

How do you take your tea?

I prefer protein smoothies if I’m honest! I know I’m English but I actually don’t drink tea daily.

Tell us about someone who changed the course of your life.

Both my parents have; they’ve always taught me to remain humble and kind. I would like to think that those are two qualities I possess. They’ve always been there for me and they allowed me, at 17 years old, to move to America to do a TV show. For that reason, I will always be very grateful to them for allowing me to chase my dream. They found the right balance between being protective and caring, to stepping back and allowing me to fall flat on my face occasionally so I can learn from my own mistakes. Also, my brother is my best friend and I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

Photographer: Justin Campbell at justincampbellstudios.com.

Stylist: Monty Jackson for theonly.agency.

Hair: Dimitris Giannetos for opusbeauty.com using Bumble and Bumble.

Makeup: Paul Blanch for Opusbeauty.com using Dior Homme Dermo System.

Photography Assistant: Cody Ebbeler.

Location: Fastrip Gas Station at fastrip.com