Freddie Fox

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“Freddie makes people around him behave a little better. He is so kind and sensitive and has such grandeur and grace that he seems to boost everyone’s self-esteem and sensibility.” – Director Lone Scherfig, The Riot Club (2014)

Magically dignified Freddie Fox[19] grew up in an acting dynasty. His parents and sister each made successful careers while dodging the paparazzi’s voracious appetite. At age four, Fox performed extra work in a remake of Rebecca (1997)—apparently a rite of Fox passage, given that his elder sister Emilia played the Second Mrs. de Winter here, while their mother Joanna David played the same part in the 1978 adaptation. By 21, Freddie Fox had trained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. In six working years he’s landed a multitude of roles challenging heteronormativity, playing dread-capped hit songwriter Marilyn in the Boy George TV biopic Worried About the Boy (2010), and gracing the stage as Oscar Wilde’s lover Lord Alfred Douglas in The Judas Kiss—(Rupert Everett played the punctiliously flamboyant scribe!). In academy, he found actresses to be the maddest, most beautiful specimens on Earth—and he’s cavorted with gorgeous players including Tamzin Merchant—but this year, he dove headfirst into the role of Freddie Baxter on Channel 4’s Cucumber (2015). The complex, challenging series explores nuanced permutations of sexuality, casting “Freddie” as a bisexual object of desire. Now, he joins Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch as male actors who’ve proffered smoke-and-mirror answers regarding their character’s sexuality. Though Fox takes it further, saying he’ll only confirm his orientation after 100 years of experience. CALIFUK-ing expealidocious—Fox, you do you. We might all learn a thing or two about patience.

19 Born 4 May 1989 [a]

19.a “[Jeff Katzenberg] said, ‘It feels tired. I think we should go out with something else.’”[i] 

19.i Director Peter Weir, Dead Poets Society,[ *] from: “Peter Weir: In a Class by Himself: Disney gambles that summer audiences will tire of sequels and look for more challenging fare” 

by Charles Champlin | Los Angeles Times | 4 May 1989

 * Dead Poets Society opened on Friday, April 28, 1989. Set in 1959, it stars Robin Williams as a charismatic new English teacher at a stuffy prep school. To date, the film’s worldwide gross earnings total over $235,000,000.

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