Weekend Recall: Amanda Steele Turns 18, Throws Crazy House Party at New Home

by flaunt


When Amanda Steele walks into a room, everyone stops to catch a glance of the multifaceted girl behind the killer outfit. While she may be known as the Youtuber from Huntington Beach, Amanda has set her pathway to success ablaze, all while in a sweat suit, Givenchy heels, and an Off-White bag.

She started her career at the age of 10 and has evolved her list of talents from just Youtuber to Youtuber/ Model/ Actress. Like any girl turning 18 (okay, maybe not many do this), Amanda bought her first house and celebrated her first day in with a birthday bash. We had Amanda give us a peek into her 18th birthday party in the midst of a wild weekend.

Quick glam touch-ups before heading back out to the party.

Soaking up the sun rays during golden hour with Chiara and Charlotte

Channeled my inner DJ skills with a little help from my girl Sydney

Laughing with my boyfriend Jonathan over his "DJ skills"

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Written by: Morgan Vickery

Photography By: Sam Dameshek and Joe Silva