Amanda Lepore

by Chris Bedrossian


M.A.C. COSMETICS Russian Red lipstick.




ALEX DYMEK coat and GARO SPARO dress.




ALEX DYMEK coat, JIMMY HELVIN dress, and LA EYEWORKS glasses.



Amanda Lepore

Photographed and Interviewed by Josef Jasso

Hair by Lorenzo Diaz

Make Up by Estaban Martinez

Hundreds of people stormed the New York City club scene in the 90s. Those who stood out the most went on to earn the title of “Club Kids” and received nationwide recognition. While most have faded away into obscurity, Amanda Lepore continues to be one of New York City’s hottest and most prominent stars, traveling the world and making appearances.

With her fully-realized Marilyn Monroe meets Jessica Rabbit aesthetic, it’s no surprise Lepore’s image and impact has reached far and wide within both the art and fashion worlds. She has worked with some of the biggest artists and designers of today, from Terry Richardson and Pierre et Gilles to Jean Paul Gaultier and The Blonds, and has served as a muse for renowned photographer David LaChapelle.

Flaunt has collaborated with photographer Josef Jasso for an editorial shoot inside the NYC hotel that Amanda has been calling home for years. He also spoke to her about some of her upcoming projects and passions, giving a few hints into the life of one of the most glamorous beings of our time.

Josef Jasso: How are you doing Amanda? Your always traveling where in the world are you right now?

Amanda Lepore: Right now I am in New York City, but I am headed out to France within the next few days.

JJ: We are elated to read the new book about your life coming out this year? Give us three words that you would use to describe what to expect from your book.

AL: Preorder It Now! 

JJ: I love working with you because your commitment to achieve a level of glamour that is seemingly impossible is remarkable. Can you describe to us a moment in your life where you felt the absolute glamorous? What were you doing?

AL: I feel really glamorous when I am on the red carpet, surrounded by photographers with lots of flashes going off. It makes me feel like a movie star.

JJ: You have been a prime example of somebody that has lived their life authentically, You have been a positive trans figure before it gained so much of the world’s attention as it has recently. What’s been the most significant moment you've experienced as an advocate for the trans community?

AL: When Sophia Lamar and I won the lawsuit against Twilo (nightclub). We were go-go dancers there and the club fired us for being transsexual.

JJ: I don't know if people know this but you have literally rhinestoned most of your outfits yourself. Tell us how much time goes into customizing these outfits.

AL: It takes me weeks, sometimes a month or so depending on the outfit.

JJ: If you could have a dinner party and invite any four people to the table, both dead or alive, who would you want to sit at your table?

AL: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, David Bowie & Prince.

JJ: Lastly what is your favorite color?

AL: Red and different shades of pink.

For more Amanda Lepore see her social media at @AmandaLepore .

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