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A fond look back on a few of our most cherished moments from the last twelve months.

We know, we know: 2016 was a tough year by many measures. But at Flaunt we consider it our duty to add a bit of pep, silliness, beauty, thought and general fabulosity where we can, even if (especially if) the world at large often gets us down. In celebration of the good things that 2016 brought us (and there were many, especially for those of us who love art, fashion, film, music, and culture) we have compiled this gift of a list to warm your spirits or to give you something to enjoy as you hide in the bathroom to avoid your creepy uncle. Au revoir 2016, and hello 2017–be good to us, ok?

Without further ado, here our a few of our favorite moments of the year:


Maddie Ziegler

When we got to chat with the precociously talented dancer, actress, and model.

“If you miss a day of dance for fun, that’s a day wasted without your daily training. As much as I love having fun, dance comes first.”

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Adam Lambert

Premiering the new Adam Lambert track, “Welcome to the Show”.

“No matter how we identify, the human heart has a universal set of emotions and needs. Sure it’s idealistic, but couldn’t we be recognizing our similarities, instead of our differences?”

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Lewis Hamilton

Our high-octane film shoot and interview with the dashing Formula One World Drivers’ champion.

“I get in and I do it like I’m made for this.”

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Paris Jackson

Meeting Paris Jackson, the daughter of the King of Pop and a style icon in her own right.

 “I feel like beauty is something that can’t be defined, like music. Everyone has their own taste and shouldn’t be judged for it.”

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Priyanka Chopra

Hanging out with the uber-glamorous Indian singer, actress, film producer, philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant.

“Every year I used to change what I wanted to be, every year I would tell my mom ‘I want to be a pilot,’ ‘I want to be a maid,’ ‘I want to be a cook,’ ‘I want to be a ballerina,’ I want to play the drums,’ and I did all of it!”

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Hailee Steinfeld

Our retrolicious shoot with the poly-talented young actress.

“It truly is like a master class with every movie set I’m on. It’s so incredible to see how actors work and how they interact with the crew and just everything they do from the moment they step on set to the moment they leave.”

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Turning up the volume (and the heat) with Big Sean and Jhené Aiko.

“I think secretly there’s a little competition—I want my verse to sound better than his, and he wants his to sound better than mine.”

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Britney Spears

Joining the pop-goddess in a dreamy wonderland.

 ”I think we’re here just as people to pass it on and pass our information on to others, to inspire as much as we can. Inspire every day. And just to be good people, you know?”

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Cameron Dallas

Our steamy shoot in gorgeous environs with the master of Insta-influencing.

“I’m very open with my fans, and I let them in on my struggles and what I go through.”

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Nina Dobrev

Having a bloody good time with the Vampire Diaries star.

“I thought it was fun to see how far I could go in convincing someone of something that wasn’t real. I found pleasure in it.”

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Rowan Blanchard

Soaking up the sun and shooting home movies with the precociously socially conscious star.

“I think maybe that’s a secret in itself: knowing that you have yourself as your own little secret weapon.”

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Shawn Mendes

Rocking out with the wildly popular singer-songwriter.

“The second you start trying to write about things that other people want to hear, it’s not as honest as it should be.”

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Hannah Murray

Enjoying an afternoon with the Skins and Game of Thrones star.

“What was incredible about Hannah was that she really did have a unique voice she wanted to contribute to the story, which stemmed from the fact that she’s so well read.”

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Bella Thorne

Throwing a polyamorous pool party for the conspicuously beautiful with actress and singer Bella Thorne.

“Cup Noodles, with Sriracha. That’s the only thing I need to be happy on set and everyone knows it.”

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Peace on earth, good will towards men, and happy holidays from all of us here at Flaunt magazine.