OBSCENE CITY in the New America

by Sid Feddema

It’s said that behind every great man there is an even greater stimulant. Summer stimulants? We worldly-wise Angelenos defer to Serge G for the big free three: sea, sex, and sun. Alas, behind every setting sun these days lies a sexy fête, where the concept of “free” is gauche – and the lines to get in, great and greater – the likes of which saw us front and center, hosting or posting, and doing our best for world peace. 

In an Oh La La Land Issue déjà vu of tangled LA sheets and tossed Parisian pillows, we welcomed, as always, the French. It started with our pals, Dior, who popped up in the ‘Bu to showcase their Resort ‘18 collection. Swaddled in sumptuous “Sauvage” blazoned blankets, we enjoyed hot air balloons, endless everything, and the glampest of campsites. Bravo. To Milk Studios! For Cartier’s truly exceptional bash celebrating the Panthère de Cartier, with Krug on the lips, Thomas Keller’s sweet touch on the caviar bar, and jams from Alicia Keys, Lion Babe, and the stylish Mark Ronson. Finally, Chanel Beauty sneaked one by the goalie out in Santa Monica, whereby we kissed even more Lucia Pica’s Palette Essentielle-dusted cheeks. Twice. 

Not losing sight of our humble roots here in SoCal, we toasted the late Tupac Shakur and his biopic All Eyez on Me at new Houston Hospitality hot spot, Black Rabbit Rose, for his Cadence Issue cover photographed by event host, David LaChapelle. Speaking of legends, we celebrated one with another when the original members of the Digital Underground took the stage to spin and spit a heady set of show stoppers. Regaining our cool, we necked crisp cold-ones from Peroni Nastro Azzurro, scintillating spritzers from Svedka Vodka, and fresh fiestas of pineapple cocktails by 1800 Tequila.

Speaking of Mr. LaChapelle, the ‘Pac event possessed a morning-after merriment and awkwardness as we’d just been to Guadalajara to host the famed photographer’s exhibition “Lost and Found” at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas. Obviously, it was a blast. South of the border seemed steamily apropos for keeping the hair of the dog blonde frosted (with beads), and so the inaugural RHA Fest, a two-day brain scrambler of electronic phonics on the fabulous Punta Mita coast circa Puerto Vallarta. Cheers, Dos Equis, and Besos to the St. Regis Hotel Punta Mita Resort and B Nayar condos for hosting our afters and priors.

Not dispensing our fiesta is as fiesta does attitudes (thanks PND), we popped back up to Hollywood’s Milk Studios for the Moschino combined men’s SS18 and women’s Resort ‘18 presentation, and left The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel after party with some digits and a bevy of finely printed business cards. Hooves dipped in pools, then sped to BH for a mani, we dropped the littles with the nanny and headed to Aldo’s “Exotic Summer Soirée.” And nothing spells exotic like a balmy Los Feliz eve. 

What’s a summer if not for a fabulous surprise al fresco birthday party high in the hills at a Spanish architectural gem, speckled with portable heaters should it get any less than awesome and need some degrees added? The culprit this time around: Diesel CEO Stefano Rosso. The den of iniquity? Flaunt’s very own Casa De Lila, where we tucked into plate after plate of exquisite assemblages à la Marcel Vigneron of Wolf, and swayed to wonders spun by DJ Heidi Lawden ‘til the cops came home. With abs like this, who needs ribs?

Photo Credits:
Isaac von Hallberg and Getty/Charley Gallay
Stefanie Keenan
Jamie McCarthy
Frazer Harrison and Donata Sardella/Getty Images for Max Mara
Paco Moreno via 212 Productions and Jimena Ojeda via OM Producciones
Billy Farrell/BFA.com
Hagop Kalaidjian/BFA.com
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The Aftershock Issue: New America

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