by Sid Feddema

At 8pm Tuesday night, LA's chicest set descended on a corner of town few of them had likely ever set foot in before. Those in the know weren't turned off by a bit of adventure. In an industrial corner of Chinatown, between abandoned warehouses covered in tags and impressive street art, the sounds of MAXV and surf-punk-noise outfit WAVVES drew the curious closer. 

The occasion for the gathering was the release of AllSaints' highly anticipated Huntington Beach inspires summer collection. The quintessential "surf city" and mecca for slackers, skaters, and sun-seekers of all stripes served as a generous muse for the SoCal focused collection of sun-bleached linen jerseys, faded-out combat pants, and denim cut-offs featuring a beachy pastel palette.

To further hone the HB aesthetic, AllSaints Creative Director Will Beedle tapped legendary skater, photographer, and proud Huntington Beach resident Ed Templeton, whose inimitable photos were displayed prominently in the warehouse: “Anyone familiar with Ed Templeton’s photos of his hometown Huntington Beach will know what a unique spirit the town has. So when I found myself there last summer it seemed natural to start to build a collection around it," Beedle says. "A year later I went back, this time with Ed, a couple of cases of clothes that the town had inspired, and a group of kids that we had met along the way. We spent a couple of days just hanging out on the beach, capturing those spontaneous moments, and the images that we took away capture not just the laid-back, languid spirit of that time in Huntington, but every summer spent on the beach...”

Take a look at shots from the party below, and click to enlarge any image:

Photos by Andrew Noel

Written by Sid Feddema