Pair of Arrows Celebrate Their New EP

by Flaunt Intern

 Images via Pair Of Arrows 

Images via Pair Of Arrows 

Los Angeles based trio Pair Of Arrows is set to release a debut EP titled Walls  with Blank City Records this month. The band consists of three members: Swan Palermo (vocals), RD White (keys & production), and Brandon Burkart (drums). Together, the three talented artist create kinetic rhythms, immense bass drive, emotive vocals, and warm synths. Their music gives off a new-wave vibe evoking a modern electro-punk sensation. 

Coming out on their upcoming EP Walls  “Step Again” induces harmonic and emotional perception along with a hint of sensuality— which is displayed throughout all of Pair of Arrows' music.  "Death. Suicide. Regret. A farewell and a send-off," vocalist Palermo says about the track. "[It's a] Reckoning with what is left behind and surrendering to what lies ahead.” 

All together, Pair Of Arrows certainly put an immense amount of work and emotion into Walls and it shows . The track of the same name, "Walls," will be released on limited edition, vintage x-ray record as well as on flexi disc. The full EP is available digitally on iTunes— available for pre-order now and will release on September 29, 2017.

Last night they celebrated the upcoming release of their new EP titled Walls. Located at a secret location in West Hollywood, the band played some tracks off their upcoming project, while people vibed along, sipping casually on their drinks.

Check out our recap below from the exciting night and be sure to grab their EPWalls, which releases on Friday.


Written by Alex Ceballos

Photographed by Trevor Smith