#Oprah2020? Relax

by Sonum Kahlon


“A new day is on the horizon!” Last night at the Golden Globes, Hollywood came together in black to support the #MeToo movement. The highlight of the night was Oprah Winfrey’s speech accepting the annual Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. She is the first black female to receive this award.  

This morning I woke up to an influx of “Oprah 2020” posts on Instagram and Twitter.  Confused, I scrolled on and realized that the companies and stars I follow on social media are being completely serious. And though I’m not saying that Oprah shouldn’t run for president, I believe that we should allow inspiring moments to be just that: hope-invoking times and reassurance that change is coming. 

The more Trump proves he's a horrible politician, the less decent people/celebrities have to do to earn the #XYZ2020 hashtag. Isn't our current president living proof that a billionaire with zero political background should probably start with a small position and work their way up? But if she truly shows initiative—builds a cabinet full of politically well-versed all stars (unlike this guy), she could be the leader that we all need.

Oprah is a beacon of hope and progress. She is an inspiration to all as proven by the love everyone gave her Sunday night. Unlike Trump, she has resonated with the underdog through her entire career in addition to being a favorite of the Hollywood elite. By all means, look to your favorite people in the public eye for hope. But do we have to elect them? 

There's an interesting dynamic happening in our world and I'm curious to see if Oprah even wants the presidency. With that said, let's take it easy and think twice of who we elevate to presidential candidate status. Not every good person is a contender for Leader of the Free World.

Written by Sonum Kahlon