by Flaunt Magazine


Exploring the depths of subculture is the force behind Nick Monaco and his Partner Emmett Kai under their independent, Brooklyn based Unisex Records label. The pair work to represent their collective artistic vision of inclusivity, radical expression, and eclecticism.“Pink Pussies In My Dreams” is the latest sexual offering from Nick Monaco’s upcoming Heroin Disco LP.

Heroin Disco explores America’s current overdose culture through the era of disco – a genre of music that was reactionary fighting back against popular culture through excess, vanity, and aesthetic.

“Pink Pussies In My Dreams” is a floating, glittery track that feels ripped out of a 70’s disco fantasy. It starts off cloudy with muffled bass lines that sound like hearing the song from another room and gliding into the chorus and you can feel tingle of the light up floor in your eyes as captivating melodies lay a foundation for the rest of the track. Yet the song is more that just metaphor and reference. It acts as a social commentary on hedonism, “I get tingles down my spine when I am close to you, Is there a way that we can love without me hurting you?”.

Heroin Disco is set to be released September 19th on Unisex Records.