What’s in Yr Fridge, Weaves?

by Micaela Stanley

Weaves are a force of absurdity, freedom, and originality
Weaves are a force of absurdity, freedom, and originality, which comes through clearly on their newest self titled LP. The tracks demonstrate their ability to experiment without losing sight of the edgy and honest sound that defines them: a chaotic energy that keeps listeners invested, entertained, and forever dancing with child-like spirit.

The Toronto based band are headed to Europe for a two month tour, and then they’re off again for a North American tour in August. So as they energize audiences all over the world, we had to ask, hey Weaves, What’s In Yr Fridge?

IMG_1931A fantastic bathroom on route to somewhere. I like the beautiful plants.

IMG_1940Epic photo before a long tour.

IMG_1943In Germany before going on the radio at Fluxbau.

IMG_1947In Berlin right before our set

IMG_1966This is our pink translucent vinyl the first night we got it.

IMG_1982Me and Katie Monks from Dilly Dally! Ran into each other at This is Not a Love Song in Nimes, Paris.

IMG_2007Spencer and Morgan mean mugging in front of Notre Dame.

1Amazing shirt at the Camden Market in London.

2The boys ate Haggis up this narrow street in Edinborough.

5We stayed at the lovely country home of our new friend Maggie in Cambridge.

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