What’s in yr fridge, Draper?

by Micaela Stanley

The DJ shows us some of his favorite shows of all time
Draper’s story is the kind of story we love hearing. It’s the story of someone who stumbled upon their passion early in life, and has spent everyday since living out the thrilling scenes of their wildest fantasies.

With his singular melodic electronic sound, Draper has made a name for himself within the exclusive DJ world. At the invitation of musician Oliver Sykes, he was given his first DJ gig, and two and a half hours later, he was hooked.

Since then, Draper has been climbing the DJ hierarchy. He’s performed long, adrenaline inducing sets in front of thousands, toured with Rita Ora, and released a number of successful EPs and remixes, including popular remixes of Ellie Goulding and Passion Pit songs. The British DJ, songwriter, and producer won’t stop there. While creating the moments we only dream of experiencing, Draper continues to evolve his work and enhance the quality of his shows. Welcomed by invitation to be the life of the biggest parties.

While he hops from festival to festival, we had to ask, Draper, What’s in Yr Fridge?

1. This was my first ever DJ gig. Oli Sykes had got in touch about DJing at the BMTH after party at Brixton Academy.  At first I was resistant because I didn't have any DJ equipment let alone know how to DJ, but I quickly came to realise that it was an insane opportunity. I prepared for weeks figuring out how to DJ using ableton and an APC40. On the night I was supposed to play for an hour but ended up playing for about two and a half! I seem to remember I played A LOT of drum and bass because that's mainly what I had on my laptop at the time. I'd brought my best buddy Hank with me and he took this picture which has also been immortalised on canvas by an awesome fan called Nurul. 1. Brixton Academy_BMTH aftershow_April 2011 2. Wembley Stadium. Sure. A few weeks prior to this I was asked to DJ for Rita Ora and this was also just after I had graduated from university, and so I encapsulated the whole thing in a track I wrote about it called Graduation. An crazy experience, which I got to enjoy doubly as other people like Coldplay were on the bill and I absolutely love them. Also stood within a meter of Justin Bieber on the side of the stage watching Ne-Yo. His security guy, who was massive, didn't like me standing so close to him one bit...

2. Wembley Stadium_July 2012

3. This was Wireless Festival 2015, I was there to DJ at the New Look activation area just opposite the main stage. It was the longest DJ set I've ever done clocking in at 6 hours total. It was also 90% hip hop which was interesting for me as my music collection is mainly electronic. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards but it was a nice day spent in the sunshine. A$AP Rocky was intense on the main stage! 3. Wireless Festival_July 2015

4. Now, at this point, it gets really interesting! This was my first ever Draper live performance. A full headline set for BBC Introducing performing all my latest music at the beginning of January 2016. It was amazing night because before this point I'd only ever DJ'd as Draper which I'd struggled to enjoy for the most part and to be on stage doing a proper Draperperformance was amazing. So much love to Zara who provided the vocals for the performance. I really feel that this was the proper start of my live career, and we've just been building on this ever since.

4. Koko_BBC Introducing_January 2016

5. 6th of May 2016 at Birthdays was my debut headline show. This show was an awesome experience because I had so many friends and family at this show and the set was at a really strong point and I had an absolute blast playing it! We hung an old-logo Draper banner out in front of the stage, which we really hadn't used that much prior to this show. After we finished the set a lot of my friends and family took pictures in front of it, so I guess we found a good use for it in the end.

5. Birthdays_May 2016

6. Formula E is an ever-expanding sport that recently has embraced live music as part of the proceedings. I was honored to be invited down as the headline artist and play with the full live band during the champagne moment on the podium just next to the main stage! Battersea Park is just a beautiful place to be on a sunny day like that, and it was just so relaxed and I got to make good friends with some of the other artists performing. Really enjoyed this one.

6. Formula E_July 2016

7. This was my first ever festival performance at T in the Park in Scotland, and indeed my first ever show in Scotland in general. It was great to be picked up by BBC Introducing to play this stage and I had a brilliant time performing. Stuart from Prides provided a guest appearance to perform our single "Break Over You" and nailed it! The crowd there was great and so full of energy. The weather on the other hand, given that it was raining non-stop and was effectively a mud pit outside of the tent I was playing in, I probably could have done with less of.

7. T In The Park_July 2016