What's In Yr Fridge, Phantoms?

by Sid Feddema

L.A. is a different city at night – depeopled, a bit post-apocalyptic, lonely and beautiful. Little nodes of bustle and noise are to be found by those in the know. There's a sense of freedom and ownership available to the hungry and adventurous, but it helps to have a guide. Phantoms – the stage name for genre-mashing electronic duo Vincent Pergola and Kyle Kaplan – are a veritable Virgil, leading listeners into a nocturnal netherworld with tense, complex arrangements and a penchant for moody, cinematic dance-pop.

Despite being only in their mid-twenties, Phantoms are already battle-tested masters of the Los Angeles underground electronic scene. Their story reads like something out of a Brett Easton Ellis novel – L.A. natives disaffected by the acting scene seeking their truer selves through authentic music, playing underground DJ sets in spaces all around the city. And they've done well for themselves.

After racking up a self-titled EP released on Skrillex’s OWSLA label in 2013, Phantoms’ sound has continued to progress. Looking into the future, Phantoms will be playing Splash House – the Palm Springs based paradisiacal music festival/party – in August. If you don't want to wait that long, you can head over to Palm Springs today and spend a great weekend soaking up the sun and some great tunes – the first weekend of Splash House begins today.

We had the duo give us a look into their nocturnal lives by asking: Hey Phantoms, What's In Yr Fridge?

FOOD: Well let’s start with the fridge. It’s pretty empty these days. Looks like theres some tangerine juice from Trader Joe’s, edamame hummus, tortillas and sugar. There’s basically nothing you can make by combining these ingredients. 

DRINKS: Checked to see if there’s food in the freezer and found this. Tito’s Vodka is all we really need to sustain our bodies and focus our creative energy anyway. Looks like there is some Grey Goose there for a special occasion… not that it’s any different, just more expensive. 

PUP: This 11-year-old German short-haired pointer entered our lives last year (Vinnie’s girlfriend’s dog to be clear, he didn’t just appear) and he provides us with love and daily entertainment. He’s also possibly the most emotionally unstable dog in Los Angeles.

WORK: Although I wish we had a home studio to work in, sometimes some of the best work happens with less equipment. Just sitting at the desk with coffee, a smelly dog and a single MIDI controller is all we need to get a song started. is all we need to get a song started. is all we need to get a song started. is all we need to get a song started. is all we need to get a song started. is all we need to get a song started. 

FUN: This dirty bar next to the Pantages is our home away from home these days. You can catch us in here most nights of the week hopelessly trying to get the high score on the video trivia machine. 

BURRITO: Everyday thousands of tourists walk past this orange oasis of Mexican food with their heads pointed down towards the stars on Hollywood Blvd, not knowing they are passing the best Mexican food spot in LA. It might make you fat, but it’s worth it. 

Listen to Phantoms newest album below: