What's in Yr Fridge, Bag Raiders?

by Amy Marie Slocum

Bag Raiders: if you don’t already know the name, chances are you will soon enough. The Australian duo, Jack Glass and Chris Stracey, have recently been catapulted into fame through the rising popularity of their song “Shooting Stars” as the soundtrack to the biggest video meme since Vine shut its doors a few months ago. Though the 2009 track has been a long-time favorite of the band’s core audience back home, it took almost a decade to reach its full potential in the US, where it recently hit top charts at lightning speed, reaching No. 11 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs in mid-March. After having toured with Ellie Goulding in 2011, the Aussie twosome are set to make a return appearance to the US this summer, starting off their tour on June 2nd at San Diego’s The Observatory North Park. From there, they’ll be making a few more California stops, along with the major cities of Boston, Seattle, and New York, before they wrap up on June 17th at Chicago’s Concord and head back to finish the tour in Australia.

"Salt lamps. Very important. We have 6 in the studio. I'm not exactly sure what they do, but they look cool. We got them from Home Depot, $20 each. Maybe if we got them from some kind of hippie store in Highland Park and paid $50 for them we'd feel their aura more directly. As it stands they set the mood and, as everyone knows, salt is flavor, so they help us to make tasty tracks."

"The Arboretum. We have a few plants in here but it's hard for them to survive because we don't get a lot of light. This guy is holding on... just... Send donations to the Bag Raiders paypal account please."

"The Room of Sadness. We try not to go in here. If we really, really need something that we think is in here, we will. But otherwise we leave this pile of junk to its own devices."

"The Fridge. There are no solids in our fridge. That jar of white stuff isn't ours. I don't know who it belongs to, someone left it here. All you will find in our fridge are carbonated beverages. Some alcoholic, some not. We love Golden Road Hefeweizen *cough, cough* and we love La Croix. If they ever start a La Croix music academy we will be the first band to sign up."

Written by Via Savage