What’s in Your Fridge Nightjacket?

by flaunt

A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers

Classically trained in opera, Holland Belle now performes moody reverb-drenched dreampop under the cover of the band Nightjacket along with Jordan Wiggins, Louie Schultz, Steve Lucarelli, and Diego Guerrero. Since they first met at a barbeque in Atwater Holland and Jordan have become friends and collaborators, they recently released their debut EP Eternal Phase.

Holland and Jordan shared some of their personal spaces with Flaunt for the most recent installment of our What's in Your Fridge? series.



Sometimes I cut pieces off wild succulents and take them home in my pockets. At one of our first recording sessions for Nightjacket, I came in with thorns in my fingers from a cactus I found on Jordan’s street. In a glass of water tiny roots will appear, and then you can replant them in soil. I like watching them grow. It’s a constant reminder of rejuvenation and perseverance.

Flant Mag 2-Holland

See me around town and there’s a strong chance I’ll be scrawling some nonsense in a notebook. It’s a huge outlet for me. All my thoughts, memories, and song lyrics go down in these. A few years ago my car was robbed in Brooklyn, and a bag with all my childhood journals was taken—so I’m sure somebody somewhere got a good laugh. Since then I only have a small stack.


The first thing I see in the morning. This guitar is one of my greatest inspirations. My dad gave it to me when I was 17 on the condition that I teach myself how to play. It opened me up to the possibilities of song writing and different genres of music—before then I was only singing classical. I’ve played so many different guitars, but this one has always felt like home.


Flaunt Mag 1_Jordan_sm

This is where I start every morning. I make breakfast while listening to music or a podcast and then go out on the back deck to eat. The view is amazing—the Kansan/Virginian in me still can’t get over it. Some of the lyrics from our song “It’s Alright” were inspired by it.

Flaunt Mag 2 - Jordan_sm

Here’s the obligatory “picture of my workspace” shot. There’s an absolutely giant palm tree right outside the window that offers some inspiration and entertainment—two squirrels are chasing each other around it as I write this.

Flaunt Mag 3 - Jordan_sm

This is my Grandpa’s “old kitchen.” He used it as a bar, as I do. It’s still got most of my Grandparents’ old barware and glassware inside, which I like to collect, and there’s a really cool old cocktail book from 1934 displayed on top called Boothby’s World Drinks. When Holland and I were first contemplating band names we flipped through it to see if any of the drink names sounded like us. Nothing fit us better than Nightjacket, though. We’ll have to come up with our own signature cocktail.