Twin Shadow Plays at Zebulon | a Photo Recap

by Isaac von Hallberg

Twin Shadow | Photo by Doug Krantz

Twin Shadow | Photo by Doug Krantz

George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, took his talents to Zebulon last night (April 3). The singer-songwriter and producer-guitarist was joined on stage by fellow musician and girlfriend, Rainsford (also known in the acting world as Rainey Qualley), who was recently featured in our New Fantasy issue.

The Dominican-American artist has found huge success with 2015 album Eclipse and will follow it up with a new release, titled Caer, on April 27. This year alone, he has released three singles, two of which feature major artists such as his GF and HAIM, the sister-trio known for their singular style of indie pop. 

Written by Tori Adams
Photographed by Ryan Lusteg and Doug Krantz