Tim Heidecker

by flaunt

The Magician—part of our 10 act musical dramedy

“That is the truth. Not the hammer and sickle. Not the stars and stripes. Not the cross. Not the sun. Not gold. Not yin and yang. But the smile.” — John Fowles, The Magus (1965)

The magician bewilders. They are the one for whom reality is a plaything—something to contort and confuse, control and obfuscate. Yet the magician is the cardholder—the one who sees reality unadorned, and who perceives the ruse clearly enough to use it. Magic is their game, but to make it such, first they must realize that there is no magic.

Tim Heidecker is best known as one- half of the deadpan comedy duo Tim & Eric. Their distinct brand of comedy plays upon banal reality, adding fun, air, and the illusion of awkwardness. Heidecker has recently branched off into music, releasing a ten track solo album: In Glendale, a nod to L.A.’s breezy singer-songwriters through the ’70’s and ’80’s. The album includes inspired tracks such as: “Cleaning Up the Dog Shit,” “I Saw Nicolas Cage,” and “I Dare You to Watch Me Sleep.”

Tell us about a memory from your childhood you associate with good times

Shartlesville Inn, Pennsylvania Dutch family-style lunch with the cousins and for some reason it sticks with me as the perfect afternoon.

What is the note for good times?

Notes don’t do much on their own. A major is a good time rock and roll chord; and any minor key is going to get you feeling blue.

If you had a Greek chorus following you around, what would you like them to say?

“Today is the last day we’re following you around so you can look forward to tomorrow.”

What’s the most humorous song you have ever penned?

A song from Awesome Show called “I live with my Dad,” I’m pretty happy with that one.

Tell us about a good time you thought would never end.

In the studio making In Glendale. There’s no more fun than working hard on something you believe in. It’s hard to have “fun” anymore when the most fun I have is working.

What are you bringing to the house party?

A bottle of wine, which had been previously brought to my house for a party.

Do we need the bad times in order to recognize the good?

I don’t know but I think too much emphasis has been placed on the need for pleasure.

What is your doppelganger doing in another world?

Listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast in a pre-nocturnal haze.

Photographer: Anthony Batista. Groomer: Patrick Chai for Exclusive Artists Management using Kevin.Murphy.