Warbly Jets' New '4th Coming Bomb' is an Explosive Preamble: Track Premiere

by Chelsey Sanchez

Los Angeles is home to many dreamers, and still yet a dream to many more. Though according to Julien O’Neill, the synth player of the band Warbly Jets, “The air smells like shit and gold mixed together.”

Between O’Neill and guitarist/vocalist Samuel Shea, this innovative rock band started out in New York City before making their coast-to-coast journey to LA. Now, completed by Dan Gerbang and Justin Goings, the foursome just so happen to be a part of that cult of dreamers who can call this shitty, golden city home. “It can be a very inspiring place,” O’Neill says, “but then also disgustingly drab.”

Their new single, “4th Coming Bomb,” which just Flaunt's premiering, reeks of LA. “It’s a cacophony of melody,” O’Neill says. A song of mix-and-match sounds, instrumentals patched up together in a way that reminds the ear of LA’s own patchiness. The city’s strength lies in its diversity. The same goes for “Bomb.”

The single, which comes ahead of the band’s self-titled debut album coming out on October 20 (pre-order here), stays true to its namesake. Starting off with soft, synthesized beats, “4th Coming Bomb” detonates into a full-out jam by melding together buoyant drum lines and guitar chords into a rhythm that’ll have both your hips swaying and your heart aching for October.

Shea recalled the night that the band brewed over vocal arrangements for the song, “My favorite part of this day was Justin rolling by the studio late that night after being out partying and saying, ‘Hey for the chorus you should do this,’ and then proceeding to mumble the chorus melody. I remember looking at him and being like, ‘Yeah, I should.’ It was one of those magic moments where someone walks in and has some sort of divine inspiration instantly.”

“Each instrument holds its own hook while their rhythms are meant to mash together in demented ways,” says O’Neill. “That's kind of what the song is all about. We’re all trying to live and breathe in this world at the same time, not noticing if we’re hurting or helping one another. Somehow it works for now, but it might explode at any second.”

Their previous singles, “Alive” and “The Lowdown,” will also be included on their upcoming album. The Jets start their summer tour on July 26 at the Roxy Theatre in the inspiring, shitty, golden city of Los Angeles before taking stops across the country and, later, to the UK.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez
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