The Big Pink Premieres 'How Far We’ve Come' Video: Watch Here

by Tori Adams

Robbie Furze

Robbie Furze

When you think about what has changed since The Big Pink’s first release in 2009, it becomes clear how they might have thought up with the title of their recent single “How Far We’ve Come.” Unlike their other 2017 single “Blue Monday,” which is a cover of a New Order ‘80s hit, “How Far We’ve Come,” is completely original (it is not a cover of Matchbox Twenty’s hit track like I initially suspected). 

The single proves that despite being in the industry for roughly nine years, they have not run out of innovative ideas for songs. Similarly, the video for the single, which was just released, showcases the band’s insightful and unique approach to pairing sound with image to tell a story.

The video begins with the outline of a bright red heart, beating and pumping, just slightly out of tempo with the song, projected against a dark black background. As the song exits the intro and begins to pick up steam with a pounding bass drum and lyrics projected in an angelic yet monotone timbre, the video begins to shift to new, yet similar images of brains, legs and lungs, also presented in a red X-ray-esque form.

As the images fade in and out of view and the bridge begins, we are transported to the inside of a piercing cornea, that closely resembles a planet shining in the night sky. Then as an explosion of guitars re-enters, clips of cars going up in smoke, dust and flames appear to mirror the energy of the song. The final, fleeting, and seemingly inconsequential clip of a man and woman embracing drives the message home: the song is about human relationships and experiences. The video pairs real clips with distorted and drawn images to craft a psychedelic message about something grounded in real life.

The song will be a part of their upcoming album, which will be their third full length release. The album is set to release later in the year, and will showcase frontman, Robbie Furze, in more of a production role. The album will continue to maintain their unique blend of lush synth heavy electronica and hard-hitting guitar-centric indie rock.

The Big Pink has been on the road since mid-March, and will continue to support Wolf Alice on her tour through April. On April 11th the British band will make a stop in Brooklyn to headline at the Baby's All Right. Check out the dates below, and scroll down to get some insight on how the Furze feels about their tour video and the year 2038:

Why are you excited about this particular track and video?

I love this track, I feel it's the perfect bridging song between what we started on our first record Brief History of Love and the new soon to be released third record. I’m planning this track to open the new record. It just makes sense to me in the lyrics and the vibe. It seems like the perfect soundtrack to The Big Pink family, which is sort of how I perceive The Big Pink. As I'm the main element that as been there since we started in 2009 and over the years I've been joined by different sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles or from all types of different mothers and fathers.

"How Far We've Come" is probably one of the most collaborative tracks on the record. We wrote the song in London with Dave McCraken (Ian Brown producer) and Io Echo. Ioanna and Leo sing and play on the track. Leo played bass with me between 2009-2013. Jon Gilbert, who produced it, I met through Jamie Hince (of The Kills). The cherry on top was Nick Zinner from the YEAH YEAH YEAHs, who played some insane guitars during recording. Chris Cody mixed the track. I first met [him] at Electric Lady Studio in NYC in 2009 when we were making "Brief History of Love"

On the same family theme, Matthew Wilkinson, who made the video, is one of my oldest friends. We grew up in West London together. Matty was an infamous graffiti artist in Ladbroke Grove-we would break into yards so he could spray his pieces. Matty took a more political apocalyptic view of the song. He made the title more into a question "How Far Have We Come?" visually presenting life and death in its fragility.

Flaunt Attends the Sold Out Wolf Alice Show at The Echo

What's special about touring with Wolf Alice?

Touring with a British rock band is a dream! They are incredible and are smashing it worldwide! To have two British rock bands touring The States and all the shows so far are sold out is fucking great! It feels like rock or guitars are coming back in a major way. The music industry has been dominated by pop and hip-hop and although I'm a fan of both from time to time, I grew up with guitar bands. I have a Metallica tattoo!

I do feel that there is a visceral emotion and dynamic which is missing in modern pop and hip-hop. Guitar bands gave me soundtracks to my life that are still timeless. Bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Stone Roses will never be lost in trend. They have and will continue to stand the test of time, where a lot of what dominates the radio for example is super-fast food. Even in hip-hop there aren't bands like Public Enemy or Wu-tang. Just endless acts that are super unoriginal and interchangeable. There must be a massively growing grave yard for used up spat out trap stars.  

What's in your 2038 time capsule?

  1. Clean water 
  2. A Gas mask 
  3. The Idiot's Guide to Learning Korean
  4. The anarchist cookbook 
  5. Metallica's Kill 'Em All
  6. A working Netflix account


April 2 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
April 3 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
April 4 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club AE
April 6 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom
April 7 – Albany, NY – The Hollow
April 9 – Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall
April 10 – Boston, MA – Paradise
April 11 – Brooklyn, NY - Baby's All Right
April 12 – New Haven, CT – College Street Music Hall
April 13 – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
April 14 – Norfolk, VA – Norva
April 16 – Chapel Hill, NC – Cat’s Cradle
April 17 – Charlotte, NC – Visulite Theatre
April 19 – Charleston, SC – The Music Farm
April 21 – Atlanta, GA – Georgia Theatre
April 22 – Nashville, TN – Third and Lindsey


Written by Tori Adams