Tale of Us Promises to Never Lose Sight of Dance Music in a World that's Ever-Changing

by Flaunt Intern

 Photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel

Photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel

In 2016, Ibiza drew in a record 7.1 million tourists, all seeking the kind of effervescent, metaphysical escape the island has grown to epitomize—a fleeting moment of contact with the sublime; the sense of touching something eternal in the ephemeral. To the uninitiated, the sheer volume of acts that dip in and out of the Ibiza scene might overwhelm, but only a select few are serving up sonic tonics as sought after as Berlin-based “soundscape project” Tale Of Us.

The duo, consisting of friends Matteo Milleri and Carmine “Karm” Conte, has risen through the ranks to the top of the Ibiza roster. Along with a swarm of recent releases, collabs, and remixes (including the forthcoming Monument Remixes) and the creation of their own influential label, Afterlife Records, they are a staple at Privilege—the world’s largest nightclub. 

Milleri and Karm, who met in Milan before heading to Berlin to focus on their craft, are no strangers to what music can mean to the thousands of people they perform for each night. “There sadly seems to be quite some negativity around right now. We are sensitive to the matter of the world we are living in and also try to help in our own way by communication about tolerance… The nightlife scene that we know is very tolerant, open, and creative.” That tolerance and creativity make for an ever-changing musical landscape, one that Tale Of Us plays a leading role in shaping.



Over the years, the pair has witnessed these changes from the front lines. “There has for sure been a lot of evolution as of late,” they share. “We would say that now the production of the events we play at is more vital than ever. There was a time when a dark room with a strobe light and a loud sound-system was enough. But now, more and more people want to feel a complete experience for their senses. It forces promoters to be creative, evolve, put what they do in question and push boundaries.”

But in a scene known for flash-in-the-pan trends and rapid stylistic evolution, they also value that which endures. When coaxed to wax on the idea of the ‘eternal’, our issue theme, they respond thoughtfully, “eternal means something not only endless but timeless. Something—like art or a feeling—which remains, no matter the context.”

Their most recent release, “The Hangar,” a collaboration with Vaal, is consistent with the dark and distinctly melodic sound that was responsible for the meteoric rise of Tale Of Us. The track follows their debut album, Endless, which saw ambient and classical elements combined with the tenets of EDM to create something haunting, evocative, and rich with feeling. Is this a sign of things to come for the duo—an infusion of the music of the future with the sounds of the past?

“There have always been elements of these genres in our music, but yes. Endless opened our horizons to what is possible in that realm of music, and we want to explore it further. We’re in no rush though. The majority of our fans are fans of our dance music, and we will not lose sight of that, no matter what.”

Written by Chanel Peykar
Photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel at Probation
Styled by Eulalie Martine
Groomer: Patricia Reyes Alonso