Sparks Releases Vivid Stop-Motion Video for 'Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)'

by Robyn Merrett

On September 8, Los Angeles rock band Sparks will release Hippopotamus, their first album in eight years. It features 15 songs, including “Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)," which has an awesome video paired with it that dropped today.

The stop-motion clip was directed and designed by award-winning animator and puppeteer Joseph Wallace and is a match of eye-catching animation and Sparks brothers Ron and Russell Mael's sophisticated lyrics.

The video tells a story of a wistful journey of two men chasing a gorgeous bird and is filled with familiar imagery. It appears to be set in Paris. Look out for a back-lit shot of the Eiffer Tower. The song is also named after French singer and actress Edith Piaf. Ron and Russell began their musical time together in the late '60s and have umpteen records to show for it. Still, they arefinding inventive ways to tell their stories.

Watch the video here.

Written by Robyn Merrett