Exclusive Premiere: Sophie Lowe x TWINKIDS “MEAN” music video

by Miles Griffis

Actress, model, and musician Sophie Lowe—who will be appearing in thriller Above Suspicion this coming year alongside Emilia Clarke and Flaunt favorite Jack Huston—released a new track with L.A.-based production duo TWINKIDS.

We sat down with Sophie and TWINKIDS in anticipation of the following premiere of the music video for their track “Mean.”

Sophie Lowe:

Your new song “Mean” with TWINKIDS has a mellow yet off-kilter feel. After you wrote the song, how did you imagine the video in your head?

I thought it would be great to really speak to the lyrics of "Mean" for the video clip... so my first thought was stillness with very raw emotion. I really wanted to capture the feeling of being alone. TWINKIDS and I had a chat about it when i was in L.A. last and they loved the idea so i just went with it.

In the song you repeat “I don’t want to be alone." Did you learn anything in your loneliness?

I did learn things from my loneliness. I learnt that being alone and being lonely are two very different things. I realized that being surrounded by the wrong people can be the loneliest thing in the world. You need to surround your self with people that understand you.

How do you get into character when you act in music videos? Are you Sophie Lowe in your music videos, or are you playing a different character each time?

I was pretty much being me in the video clip. Its hard to fake it with my music because the lyrics are always so personal. I just really listened to what I'm saying and tried to remember the feeling.

Speaking of music videos, you had a cameo in Flume’s “Never Be Like You” video. Are you close with Harley or any other Australian musicians?

Harley is so lovely and I had the best time making that clip. TWINKIDS have become really great friends of mine. Absolutely loved working with them!!

TWINKIDS have a lovely cover of Bjork’s “Unravel." Is there something you are dying to cover?

I want to cover "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star. I cant stop listening to that song at the moment!


Did either of you relate to theme of loneliness so prevalent in the song? What do you do when you’re lonely (besides make great music)?

Yes! We both have a lot of anxieties about ending up alone… [laughs]. We put out some music last year that really deal with the idea of loneliness. Like you said, those feelings are a big inspirational force for us. Neither of us are quite sure how to deal when we’re lonely… Gene tends to binge watch murder mystery TV. Matt stares at a wall. We both like to get stoned and cry in those moments.

Which of Sophie’s songs encouraged you to collaborate with her?

We both love "Pink Flowers" and "Understand Me." Her writing is really spooky and her whispery voice (compliment, not an insult) works so well with her melodies. Her literal and figurative musical voice is so different from ours, so we were really interested in working with her. She’s the kind of musician that just gets music in a natural way—her first instincts are always amazing. It was really cool working with her.

You played at Echo Park Rising Festival in Los Angeles recently. What do you bring to your live performances that's different from your studio productions?

Our music is very calculated (okay, over-calculated), so we try to bring a more spontaneous feel to our performances. We make some songs longer and spacier when we play them live, and try to keep a handful of moments for improvisation, both in terms of the vocals and the instrumentation. We are also both very gay, so if you want to see two queers on stage, you will enjoy our show.

Last question, what’s up with all the cats (both real and cartoon) on your Instagram?

Cats are the best. I don’t know why you’re asking this question.

We are happy to premiere the music video for "Mean" by Sophie Lowe and TWINKIDS here: