Sonia Makes a Splash with Debut Single 'Ocean' | A Q&A with the Model Turned Singer

by Tori Adams

photo by Brett Erickson

photo by Brett Erickson

You may know Sonia Ben Ammar from the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair, or you may know her for her work with Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu. Or, you may know her for her contributions to Petit Biscuit’s song, “Creation Comes Alive,” which is the lead track on his latest album, Presence. The model has taken a break from posing to explore her deepest passion: music.

The burgeoning singer is off to a strong start; With only one collaboration to her name, she was invited to Coachella for her first live performance ever. Sonia used her experience on the runway to put on a show for festival attendees at Weekend 1. Sonia supported Zhu as he previewed the release of their upcoming track, “LOVE TRIPPIN.” On the following day, she teamed up with Petit Biscuit to present their hit, which has amassed over a million listens on Spotify.

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That very same day, Sonia decided to surprise listeners with a new single, titled “Ocean.” The song melds Sonia’s R&B inspired vocals with an acoustic melody and shimmering pop production. The poetic lyrics showcase Sonia’s natural ability to create rhythms out of  thin air. According to Sonia, “It’s about one-sided love, someone who doesn’t see in you what you see in them so he keeps his guard up.”

What about this song made it be the one you chose to introduce yourself as a musician?

I love this song because it’s a chapter in my life. It was a time in my life where I had just got out of a serious relationship,  but then I met someone and thought it could turn into more than a friendship. I tried to invest into him but emotionally I still wasn’t available. I would look into his eyes and all I saw was the ocean. I thought I was really into him, but I was more into the idea of having someone than who he actually was. Soon enough I realized all I saw when I looked into his eyes was just an empty space and I realized I was just with him to fill an empty space in my life. I also knew that he wasn’t ready to let his guard down either and was also trying to fill a void in his life. This was an important chapter in my life where I realized I didn’t need someone to feel full again.

What do you hope listener take away from this song?

The song is about being in love with a fantasy and how you can think you are into someone but you are just trying to fill the loneliness in your life. I wanted people to pull their own meaning from it so they can relate to it. But the song isn’t a sad or grieving song. It is at parts a little melancholic and bittersweet but above all, it is empowering because it projects the message that it’s okay to feel like you need someone in your life as long as you realize what the reasons behind it are. And not to rush into things without a clear mind and heart.

Are there any similarities between modeling and a singing career to you?

With modeling you’re constantly in a new space with new people you don’t know. You have to adapt on the set of a shoot to backstage of a show with 50 other models and crew you don’t know and be changing in front of people or being photographed without make up with people you met that day. It has been similar in music. I have to show my lowest and weakest points in life to producers and co-writers I just met that day. It’s scary to be so vulnerable, to be so honest and open about the ups and downs in my life to writers and producers. 

Written By: Tori Adams