Cable Access Revived The Video Star

by flaunt

Snow Wite Makes Us Wanna "Tap Out Of Reality" in their latest video (but also kinda come back too)

L.A.'s Snow Wite (i.e. multi-instrumentalist Andreas Cary) hones in on his lo-fi hooks and bizarro humor in his latest video for "Tap Out Of Reality." With direction by L.A. multimedia artist Charles, Snow Wite and guest stars don scanty accoutrements: fishnet and leather hot pants (new game: is it vegan or real?). As they phone in their performance, one senses an un-ironic embracing of "cable access" aesthetic, perhaps even submission to our "cable" (internet) accessed reality. But behind these mockingly grim images of post-Capitalist malaise, there's a short, direct pop tune with a delightful hook. By the third go of I want to tap out of reality, whoa oh oh we hope you'll be singing along with us. It's only a trend if someone follows suit, right?

Snow Wite plays Feb 12 in NYC at Sunnyvale—"Dry Humping Stage Monitors I Am An Indestructible Master" is out now on Nina Pop Records