The Sirens of Titan

by flaunt


The Sirens of Titan

The Rake - part of our 10 act musical dramedy

"Wit has to Pleasure been ever a Friend” — John Wilmot, 

A Song: "To this Moment a Rebel”

  (c. 1660)

Though it’s true that the rake is a seducer and libertine, he avoids that unsavory definition of degenerate through his infectious joie de vivre and charming panache.

The rake—this fashionable man of promiscuous habits—is represented in our follies by the leader of dark, libidinous troubadours The Sirens of Titan. Spearheaded by John-Paul Pryor, author of dystopian underground novel Spectacles ("A hallucinatory ride through a Ballardian future London" – Cool Hunting),  The Sirens’ decadent blues opus Apocalypse Sessions, which is released later this year on Bruit Blanc Records, was recorded in a series of live sessions, and is meant to be consumed whole.

Good times, bad times, you've likely had your share. Can you have one without the other? 

Buddhists tend to say that suffering is a choice, but I guess I don't feel that way sometimes… sometimes a bad time is valuable, perhaps more valuable than a good time, or at least it has value in helping you recognize when you are having a good time. It's all about perspective.

Who do you have faith in?

I have faith in William Blake. I believe life is a strange, waking dream—and a mere blink in terms of an era; our lives are pretty insectile on a cosmic scale, it takes something mystical to be Alexander The Great, Einstein or Bowie.

Is all the best humor dependent on tragedy?   

There is nothing funnier than misfortune, all the greatest comedy is based on an imperfect set of circumstances and flawed individuals, so, in a sense, yes, all comedy is based on tragedy.

Do you think of an album as cohesive or a collection of songs? What do you think is the most accomplished album of all time and why? 

I definitely like to think of albums as cohesive, as I think that is being increasingly lost. I think we try to stand alone musically, we really couldn't give a fuck about celebrity culture or any of that shit. I love Exile on Main Street; it's the most cohesive record of all time.

What are you bringing to the party?  

I'm bringing a quiet storm.

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Photographer: Easton Schirra.

Stylist: Jessica Reynoso and Dan Broadway.

Groomer: Homa Safar.