After A Long Hiatus: P!nk Releases 'What About Us' Video

by Flaunt Intern

On August 10th, P!nk released her first single off an upcoming album after a long five years, and today (August 16th) she released a music video to keep hungry fans appeased. 

The video differs from most party or club set videos that we are used to having fun with, and instead we immediately get a voice over of chanting protesters and what seems to be political leaders speaking. We get scenes of people in their car, in a restaurant, in the city with police cars and helicopters all around, which these days seems to be the norm. 

The video also features beautiful choreographed dances, P!nk herself participating in them throughout, and images of controversial ideas. 

However, the voices, dances, and images clearly put the viewers in a space where it is evident the artist has something to say, and she says it in touching fashion. 

Check out Pink’s latest music video here. 


Written by Evelyn Mateos